Breakout Kings

Season 1 Episode 6

Like Father, Like Son

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2011 on A&E

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  • There we go!

    Well, Breakout Kings sure responded to my criticism. On Sunday the show delivered its best episode yet, an action-packed hour of TV that saw us learn even more about these characters. I have said the show is a slightly amended Criminal Minds, but one thing they are making sure they do is quickly build dynamic, three dimensional characters and every week we learn a little bit more about these individuals. Disappointed by the lack of explanation as to why Lloyd likes Julianne now as opposed to Philly, but that's a small matter, and those two have better chemistry anyway with them both being smart. Some Abby and McGee comparisons from NCIS can be made.

    They introduced a fun anti-government family tonight and I was disappointed that this is was a one-off storyline. If they ever decided to have a recurring plot this might be a good one to do it with.

    Powerful episode, a lot of action, some nice funny lines thrown in. This is what Breakout Kings needs to do week after week to really "breakout" and become a hit.