Breakout Kings

Season 2 Episode 8

SEALd Fate

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 2012 on A&E

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  • Seald Fate

    The case tonight was actually pretty entertaining. They had a good character who just had effective angry outbursts, he was not a technical genius.

    But the stuff with Julianne and Lloyd was painful. This is not a show about those relationships and I get that some people watch for that reason, but I don't. It took away from a pretty good prison escapee today.
  • insights

    A good episode that throws both solutions and more problems at the viewer

    lloyd and jullie not going to happen for a while if ever, now lloyd is captured by the killer of charlie and witness to a murder..

    erica got used by the shady club owner = PREDICATBLE lame sub plot

    shey is he the gangsta we thought he was or is he a pmc ex military marine/soldier guy who was under cover in the IRA ? = curveball..

  • Wow what an episode

    This is literally the PERFECT episode... incredibly thrilling, establishes more back story for the main characters, a deep conspiracy within the government.... in short BREAKOUT KINGS is finally reaching its potential!