Breakout Kings

Season 2 Episode 5

Self Help

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on A&E

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  • Different form of break out

    In a nut shell this episode was kind of a rip straight from a law abiding citizen plot

    a seemingly weak willed /bullied victim/model prisoner who was in for illegal employment with a short stretch escapes through a prison safety scare to locate some old friends which after two bodies ends up being about blackmail of said prisoner who it turns out killed some one and was never caught but a tape exists of him 'bragging about it' held by one of the ex cons he had hired in his motivational speech/life coach/ buy my stuff and follow the steps business..

    and then breaks back in prison while the safety checks are ongoing..

    but in his haste and the bodies he left behind he leaves the tape unguarded long enough for his old friend and previous success story to make a copy before his death.

    a bit convoluted but it was ok

    and they crims miss out on their month off but zancanelli gives them a free night,

    lloyd helps out the office girl and shey goes to the library, and erica has a liason with the night club guy
  • Self Help

    An intriguing case as the suspect was trying to break IN not out and escape, but the storyline was a little diluted and unclear at times and the way they figured out his plan was so rushed. This is a show that used to be a superior version of Criminal Minds, but lately it has looked more like an inferior one. Just an average episode tonight.