Breakout Kings

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on A&E



  • Trivia

    • A coat hanger was used to create the branding iron used by Day to brand Stackhouse. Since the coat hanger only had a 3 second glow time, another iron had to be made from welding rods for the actual branding scene which carried a glow time long enough for the scene to be captured.

    • The pharmacy in this episode was shot at a small, family-run pharmacy in Toronto's east end. To avoid copyright infringement, the Art and Set Decoration Departments had to stock over half the pharmacy with pharmaceutical products specifically crafted; additionally, products in Canada have French as well as English on the labels. For three days prior to the shoot (over 200 man-hours) the entire Breakout Kings Art Department office was converted into a mass assembly line to label and fill bottles with an array of small objects (including dried beans, gravel, and mints) so they would resemble prescription and vitamin bottles.

    • It took Property Master Jim Murray three days to track down the "dancing Santa" figurines shown at the pharmacy. Originally the script called for a "dancing fish" but copyright issues got in the way and the only other dancing figures available at the time were holiday themed as the episode was shot in December. Murray found the "Santas" at a tiny shop in Toronto's Chinatown.

    • Potter's Field Cemetery scenes were filmed at a local cemetery. Simple caskets used at the Hart Island Potter's Field in New York were used as a model for the coffin Day and McCann escaped from. The lid was made of balsa wood which splintered easily for the actors when the time came for them to break out. Wooden slipcovers were made by the Art Department to cover existing tombstones at the cemetery giving them the appearance that they were tombstones at a potter's field. The "mound of dirt" beside Lumbar's grave was actually chicken wire molded into a mound-like shape and covered in a tarp. Small pockets of dirt were added around the base for authenticity.

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