Breakout Kings

Season 1 Episode 12

There Are Rules

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 22, 2011 on A&E

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    "There Are Rules" was a decent episode of Breakout Kings.

    I loved the way they had the convicts break out of prison tonight and that is the one consistently great thing that this series has going for it. They have had creative ways for these individuals to escape week after week.

    But what happened after that was fairly mediocre. An evil guy, a brief stickup, they outsmart him, and that was all she wrote. I also did not like the generic annoying "higher-up" that they introduced today, although Charlie's speech to him was a nice touch. Good to see Laz Alonso at least try and show some personality for a change.

    Okay episode, but hopefully the season finale really delivers, based on the commercials hyping it up.