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Animal Planet (ended 2001)


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  • Tells me what I need to know about my favorite type of dog!

    Great show! Very informative!

    You see, my favorite type of dog is the Basset Hound (Hence my name.) Since I saw the basset hound episode, I was hooked to the show. My second favorite dog is the Bulldog. I haven't seen the Bulldog ep. yet.

    I think it's under appreciated on this site. All dog lovers should watch this show! Basically any dog you want to learn about, check the schedules on Animal planet, and you'll find it. I'm telling you, it's the way to go! I'm getting two Bassets when I move out named Homer and Hobbes (I don't know why.) I might switch one of the Bassets to bulldogs...

    Anyway, check it out!