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Bret Maverick

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Returning to the role that made him famous, James Garner is once again Bret Maverick. After winning the Red Ox Saloon in a poker game, long-time Wild West gambler Maverick decides to settle down in the little town of Sweetwater in the Arizona Territory. Maverick's adventures don't end just because he's decided to put down roots at the Lazy Ace Ranch. He must learn to co-exist with the townsfolk and cope as the "Wild West" is slowly tamed by the arrival of civilization. Cancelled after one year, NBC took the unusual step of rerunning episodes of the show twice, once in the late 80s to help fill-in while a writer's strike delayed new programming, and then again in 1994 to cash in on all the free publicity for the new Mel Gibson/ Jodie Foster Maverick movie. Two TV movies were cut from regular episodes and run on local stations independent of the syndication: Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace and Bret Maverick: Faith, Hope And Clarity.

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  • A new view of an old friend

    This series meant mostly for fans of the old "Maverick." Newcomers will enjoy its ambiance but they won't catch the sense of maturation that appeals so much to me. I was in my preteen years when "Maverick" came out so both that and this show were what I was anticipating in my own life. The savviness of the original and the perspective of this sequel. But then, don't we all project ourselves onto our entertainment?

    Bret has aged and wants a richer personal life. He finds a town that fits his personality. Settles down and involves himself in the local affairs, while also trying to run a few games of his own. Ever the rogue!

    Good choice of Ed Bruce to provide the authentic western/country foundation. Darleen Carr brings the right balance of feminism to Mary Lou. The rest of the supporting cast are varied and easily identifiable. James even gives brother Jack a very appealing role.

    It was both behind and ahead of its time. The modern old cowboy was introduced in such turn-of-the-70's films as "The Wild Bunch" and "Monty Walsh." The Aging of The West was a popular theme in those revisionist days. But in "Bret Maverick" it's a character that we already know. The 18 episodes provide variations on the theme. Not renewed so perhaps not a big draw in its day. I'm sure glad we still have it to enjoy. Given the changes in the Boomer Generation it could be a springboard.moreless
  • only saw it once or twice

    i remember when this show came out. i was very young only seven or eight at the time. i thought it was a pretty cool show. i know it was cancelled pretty quick. they did put a couple of episodes together for a tv movie and i have seen it a few times. it had james garner and ed bruce, i think they made a pretty good team.