Bret Maverick

Season 1 Episode 6

Dateline: Sweetwater

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 1982 on NBC
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Dateline: Sweetwater

A Tucson land combine attempts to take over the town of Sweetwater using verbal threats and strong-arm tactics. Their plan is coming up aces until the desperate town asks Maverick to outwit the scoundrels.

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    Richard O'Brien

    Richard O'Brien

    Steven A. Hennessey

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    William Bryant

    William Bryant

    John Davis

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    Roy Jenson

    Roy Jenson


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    Jack Garner

    Jack Garner

    Jack The Bartender

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    Luis Delgado

    Luis Delgado

    Shifty Delgrado

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    Tommy Bush

    Tommy Bush

    Deputy Sturgess

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      • Pappyism: When the light at the end of the tunnel is attached to another train, it's time to switch railroads.

      • Mary Lou: Are you sure you don't know anything about the Union Investment Company? They've been buying up an awful lotta land in these parts lately. I got a sense something very shady is going on.
        Bret: So naturally, you figured I'd know all about it?
        Mary Lou: Well, you're the one in the ruffled shirt, remember?

      • (Tom gives a very muscle-sore Bret a very bad tasting drink)
        Bret: Ugh, oh-h-h. I thought I asked you to get me somethin' out of our best bottle?
        Tom: Well, I like to save that for the payin' customers, it's frugal.
        Bret: I think the word is "cheap".
        Tom: No, cheap is a so-called rancher who won't pay a swamper to dig his post holes for him.
        Bret: Well, at a dollar a hole, I'll take the charley horse, thank you.

      • Bret: Well, compared to Fats Freddy Rupert, you're second-rate; but..uh..for an amateur, you slid past the locals all right.
        Tindell: (chuckles) Are you accusin' me of cheatin'?
        Bret: I think I'll let that hold-out up your sleeve speak for itself. (grabs Tindell by the wrist)
        Tindell: Ah-ah! (shakes his head, nods towards the corner) Monte, Leif over there...they know I don't like to be touched by strangers...even if they're right.
        Bret: You're admitting you're wearing a hold-out?
        Tindell: Take a look at this...not a line or lump anywhere.
        Bret: Bought it at Kelsey?
        Tindell: Yeah, custom-fitted...Kansas City. (chuckles) Now, come on, will ya? Don't be disturbed. Come on, it's just a game. How much'd I take from ya?
        Bret: Oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred.
        Tindell: Five hundred? (chortles) Well, I'll tell you, I always consider myself a fair man. Here's 250 back. The memory of cleanin' out Bret Maverick is just priceless.
        Bret: You want a priceless memory, Tindell? Just go home and tell your mother what you do for a living. (throws the $250 back in Tendell's face)

      • Hennessey: It doesn't seem very ethical, your refusin' to run my ad.
        Mrs. Springer: Ethical? Now, there's the pot calling the kettle black for you.
        Hennessey: How's that, Mrs. Springer?
        Mrs. Springer: The answer is no, Mr. Hennessey.
        Hennessey: I'm sorry to hear that. I was hoping we'd be able to reach an agreement. It's very important for us to reach an agreement...very important.

      • Crow: I have watched this group swallow up entire valleys in just a few months' time. But if I can buy up enough land in the bank's name, we just might be able to stop them. If not, they're gonna squeeze us until they can take 50% of every dollar that goes through the territory.
        Davis: We've known each other a long time, Elijah, and I don't recall you ever telling the truth when it comes to, uh, business.

      • Davis: (talking about Crow) That man has got more cheek than a pachyderm with a toothache.

      • Bret: (wincing in pain) Damn!
        Cy: "Oh, don't you worry, Cy, I'll clean that Tindell's trough for half the post holes in the territory."
        Bret: Can't help it if he cheats!
        : Oh, 'course you can't, you bein' new to poker and all.
        Bret: Look, I'm out here helpin', ain't I?
        Cy: Oh, I can't recall when I've had so much powerful help. Don't go swingin' that arm! Only make it worse. Here, I'll go get the bear oil.
        Bret: Bear oil, goose grease...startin' to smell like a traveling circus.

      • Bret: I don't remember sendin' out any invitations, Tindell.
        Tindell: An oversight on your part, I'm sure. Besides, I didn't realize you owned such a substantial portion of the land in the area. Leif, why don't you dig Mr. Maverick's post hole there for him, so we can talk.
        Bret: Just leave it be, you're not gonna be here that long.
        Tindell: (chuckles) I don't relish this job any more than you do, Maverick, but we all have our crosses to bear. I...
        Bret: Told you, just leave that thing be.
        Tindell: Now, we'll reach an understanding, believe me. And, after all, we're both men of the world, sweat is not really our forte, is it?
        Bret: All right, stop the chin music. State your business.

      • Dowd: You play poker with this fella?
        Bret: That's got nothin' to do with it!
        Dowd: Uh-huh. You sucker the mortgage money off of some poor circuit-salesman, he gets steamed up enough to throw a few haymakers and I'm supposed to pull him off your back. Is that about it, Maverick?
        Bret: That won't even dent the dust on it. You're not listening, Mitch, they tried to kill me!
        Dowd: Oh. Well, if they do kill you, you have my word, they won't get away with it.
        Bret: Well, it's a real thrill knowing I can count on your concern.
        Dowd: Anytime. And, Maverick...if I were you, I would change that brand of cologne. That stuff could kill a bear.
        Bret: It already has.

      • Tindell: I was just curious as to how much your bank might be worth, Mr. Crow.
        Crow: It's not for sale.
        Tindell: (chuckles) Everything's for sale.
        Crow: Not in this case, and I'm going to caution you, Mr. Tindell...
        Tindell: It may interest you to know, Mr. Crow, that the Bank of Yuma has already decided to sell us their 40% interest in your bank, and the Farmers' Bank in Denver has frozen your line of credit, which leaves you only your outstanding personal mortgages, the balance of which I intend to purchase in the next couple of days. So, one way or another, we intend to buy this establishment of yours. I just thought you might want to realize a profit out of it.
        Crow: I am not without influential friends in the Federal Government.
        Tindell: Yes, we know about your friends, Mr. Crow. I don't think you'll call 'em down on us.
        Crow: And why not? From the way you tell it, I have very little else to lose.
        Tindell: Ah, but there is, Mr. Crow. Believe me, there is.

      • Tom: Tindell? I thought all he wanted was a little friendly game?
        Bret: Yeah, well, whatever his game is, it's a far cry from friendly.

      • Mary Lou: Tindell?
        Crow: Yes, but he's only a hatchet man for that Union Investment Company. They move in, they take over the bank and then the large landowners
        Bret: And the rest cave in behind them.
        : And my guess is that the paper will be next.
        Mrs. Springer: I don't think I care much for being taken down.
        Dowd: But...there are laws.
        Bret: Would somebody educate him, please?
        Mary Lou: It's a waste of time, Mitch. From what I understand, this Tucson combine is the law in this territory.
        Crow: I've given my life's blood to this town, my sweat and my vision. They might've well as killed me. It'd amount to the same thing.
        Dowd: There must be some way we can stop them...We must have someone in this town that's..that's just as sly and deceitful Tindell.
        (everybody looks at Bret)

      • Tom: Nah, don't tell me. You've already talked this town into one of your jackass flimflam schemes.
        Bret: There's a nicer way to put that, you know.
        Tom: Maverick, I don't wanna hear about it, I don't wanna know about it, I don't want any part of it, you got that?
        Bret: got an attitude problem.

      • Tom: I swear, I don't know how I let you get me into these things.
        Bret: Yeah, well, it's sort of a gift a mine. It's kinda like my old Pappy used to say...
        Tom: Don't, just don't! I'm not real interested in what your old pappy would say right now.
        Bret: You know, you're makin' this a real pleasure, Tom, I mean...a real pleasure.

      • Crow: Sir, you may be here on the Devil's mission, but there will be hell to pay for this. Depend upon it! These atrocities will not go unavenged, even if it costs me the last drop of my blood
        Tindell: This is a free country, Mr. Crow. You can waste your blood any way you see fit.

      • Mary Lou: Tom, we knew this could happen when we put out that article. It means we're really getting to them. Please listen to me.
        Tom: I've listened all I need to. I'm sick of Maverick and his games. Look what they've done to you.
        Mary Lou: Look, nobody is asking you to look after me.
        Tom: Nobody needs to. You don't sweet-talk a rattlesnake, woman, you blow his head off.
        Mary Lou: Tom, they're organized, killing a few people isn't gonna stop it!
        Tom: It's a start.

      • Tom: Well, I had a shot at him till you spooked him.
        Bret: Oh, well, I'll try to remember that the next time somebody tries to kill me.

      • Dowd: I heard shots.
        Tom: He heard shots.
        Bret: Where the hell have you been? You're supposed to be coverin' my back, remember?
        Dowd: I was, but my hat blew off about a half mile back.
        Tom: He had to make sure he remembered all the angles in your brilliant plan.
        Bret: That does it. You people don't even know the meaning of the word "professional." I got a hot-headed renegade cuttin' across my flank and a prairie prince coverin' my rear. Must be crazy to try to run a game with you people.
        Dowd: Who's he callin' a prairie prince?

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