Bret Maverick

NBC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Hidalgo Thing
      Episode 17

      Trying to get re-elected as sheriff, Tom Guthrie wants Maverick to lay low and not jeopardize his chances at winning. But Bret's working on the biggest con of his life and he isn't about to stop for his old friend.

    • 4/27/82

      Tom and Bret are suckered into protecting a U.S. gold shipment from a ruthless band of former Confederate soldiers. But for Tom, there's a lot more to it than that.

    • Faith, Hope And Clarity (2)

      Bret Maverick's "Big Store" con to get the townsfolk's land back from Everest Sinclair comes to a rousing and raucous conclusion.

    • Faith, Hope And Clarity (1)

      Everest Sinclair, the founder of a powerful religious sect, forecloses on most of the town's mortgages in order to build his "New Eden" which he calls Clarity. In desperation, the citizens of Sweetwater turn to Maverick and he enlists their aid in running a big con on Sinclair.

    • A shady magician arrives in Sweetwater to work at the Red Ox but appears to have more than magic on his mind...and he won't allow anyone, including Bret, to get in his way.

    • 3/16/82

      A stagecoach is attacked by Apaches and Bret's lady friend is killed. General Frye and his troops ride into town to hunt down the renegades who are responsible but Philo Sandeen insists that the crime was committed by white men.

    • 3/2/82

      A washed-up pulp fiction writer lures a rag-tag collection of inept killers to Sweetwater, promising to make the one who manages to kill Bret Maverick famous when he writes about it in his next book.

    • 2/23/82

      Determined to lynch former Sweetwater sheriff Tom Guthrie for a murder they claim he committed at the end of the Civil War, boss lady Addie Burnett and her hired guns take over the Red Ox Saloon. Bret stumbles into this ticklish situation and poses as Tom's lawyer before a wild "kangaroo court" presided over by the "esteemed" and liquored-up Judge Cobb.

    • 2/16/82

      A stranger arrives in town claiming to be in the process of finishing an epic ballad on the life and times of Bret Maverick. At the same time, Maverick is trying to unload a silver mine he won in a poker game but all his potential buyers have heard of his exploits and are convinced it's a con game.

    • Hallie
      Episode 8

      Hallie McCullough, a feisty old friend of Bret Maverick's, emerges from the past needing his help. It seems that the two brothers whom she swindled want their money back or her life. But Bret can't quite bring himself to trust her and when she fails to enlist his "help", she becomes even more devious.

    • After Bret is arrested for murder on a trip to St. Louis, a member of The Mayflower Women's Historical Society offers to "rescue" Maverick if, in exchange, he agrees to take her out "West" and help her compile his life story.

    • 1/12/82

      A Tucson land combine attempts to take over the town of Sweetwater using verbal threats and strong-arm tactics. Their plan is coming up aces until the desperate town asks Maverick to outwit the scoundrels.

    • Horse Of Yet Another Color

      Bret wins a beautiful white stallion in a poker game. Only it's a stolen, treaty-sealing gift from the President of the United States to Chief Geronimo with Congressman Theodore Roosevelt searching high and low for it.

    • The Yellow Rose
      Episode 4

      The women's suffrage movement has arrived in Sweetwater at the same time Maverick wins a young Chinese girl in a poker game. The townsfolk, and the preacher, are appalled by this, as is Bret who can't seem to find a decent way to get rid of his unwanted "property."

    • 12/15/81

      Tom Guthrie convinces Bret to help hide his wounded friend from a bloodthirsty U.S. Marshall and his ill-tempered posse. Unfortunately, the wounded "friend" just happens to be Billy The Kid and at the same time, Bret is having the whole town out to his ranch for an old-fashioned barn-raising party.

    • 12/8/81

      Maverick's reluctance to sell his ranch, the Lazy Ace, becomes a major stumbling block to the railroad coming into Sweetwater. He suspects the supposed "railroad representatives" may not be all they claim to be.

    • The Lazy Ace
      The Lazy Ace
      Episode 1

      Well known gambler and con artist Bret Maverick rides into Sweetwater for a big, well-publicized poker game and a way-too-public-one for his tastes. Surrounded by shady characters and stripped of his weapons, the question becomes whether he'll be able to ride out again like the sheriff wants and if he wants to keep riding.

      After the game, Maverick decides to settle down and enjoy the easy life in Sweetwater. But before he can, he has to head out to the Badlands to hunt down the thieves who stole all his money. As Sheriff Tom Guthrie is a bit preoccupied trying to save his job, Bret hooks up with the only help he can get...the devious Philo Sandeen, who sells himself as a guide by claiming to be General Custer's former chief scout!

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