Bret Maverick

Season 1 Episode 5

Horse Of Yet Another Color

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1982 on NBC



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    • Pappyism: No shame in bein' boondoggled...providin' you know why.

    • Kelly: Horse's name is Liberty. He does best with a kind word and a light touch.
      Bret: Most folks do.

    • Tom: When you close up tonight, you and the boys put a shine on everything that doesn't move.
      Jack: Company comin'?
      Tom: You might say that
      Jack: I'll bet it's a woman, ain't it?
      Tom: When I feel the need to unburden my soul, I'll come see ya, all right, Jack?

    • Bret: Oh, hey Cy. Cy, you on your way out to the ranch?
      Cy: Look like I'm fixin' to run the Rio Grande?
      Bret: Ya know, a simple "yes" or "no" from time to time wouldn't kill you.
      Cy: (about the horse) You buy that or steal it?
      Bret: I won it.
      Cy: Same difference.

    • Mary Lou: Two months I've been waiting to get those pictures of that canyon...but if Tom wants to chase petticoats, well, it's not like he needs my permission.
      Jack: You mean, you've seen her?
      Mary Lou: If you're referring to the captivating Miss Denard, I've seen her.
      Jack: I knew it.
      Roosevelt: Well, you're a woman!
      Mary Lou: Well, you wouldn't know it the way some people look at ya.
      Jack: What she look like?
      Mary Lou: A peacock in heat...plenty of plumage on too little bird. Tomorrow's edition may be late, Jack. I've half a mind to photograph that canyon by myself!
      Roosevelt: Oh, you're a journalist?
      Mary Lou: No, I'm a prizefighter. Business, he calls it. I just don't understand why men have to be so two-faced about their cravings!

    • Jessica: You seem a man who likes his women direct, Guthrie, so I will be. Delwood may smile plenty, but he's no fool. I could be very valuable in your dealings with him. What's more, I like the cut of your cloth - and I'm not ashamed to let you know it.
      Tom: That's direct, all right.
      Jessica: Am I embarrassing you?
      Tom: Not so you'd know it.

    • Tom: Suppose I say "no"?
      Jessica: Well, I'd really hate to make that trail, as you call it, any rougher.
      Tom: You play pretty hard, Miss Denard.
      Jessica: The world doesn't offer us women much choice. I dare say your friend, Miss Springer, could tell you all about it.

    • Bret: Shall we invite your friends in to join us, partner?
      Tom: Oh, well, Maverick...I..uh...
      Bret: I know you're not too much of a fast talker, Tom, but..uh..why don't you just give it a try?
      Tom: Well, there's not that much to tell, Bret.
      Bret: Oh, no? Well..uh..I guess you could start with why you tried to hustle me outta town, what you got goin' over at the bank...and then try to explain why the Red Ox looks cleaner than a church full of children?
      Tom: Just...a little business...and...I didn't wanna...tempt you away from that settled life I know you're after.
      Bret: Oh, well, now that's thoughtful of you, Tom, that's very thoughtful. Maybe I just better get your friends to fill me in.
      Tom: (stopping Bret) You do...and I'm just liable to forget what good friends we are.
      Bret: Are you threatenin' me, Tom?
      Tom: I'm comin' awful close.

    • Bret: Well, if that's all it is, uh, why all the whip and whinny to keep me in the dark?
      Tom: 'Cause every time these business types hear the name Maverick, I'm left shakin' hands with a cloud of dust.
      Bret: Well, if you'd a come to me in the first place, Tom, we coulda found a way to work that one out.
      Tom: Oh, and you'd stay out of it just by my asking?
      Bret: Well, I didn't say that exactly.

    • Bret: Tom, if we're going to make this thing work..uh..we can't go at it like a hen in hot water.
      Tom: You're leanin' heavy on this "we" talk.

    • (Bret has Tom signing bank loan papers again)
      Bret: Hey, believe me, Tom, I'm doin' you a favor.
      Tom: Where have I heard that before?

    • (Bret and Tom are thrown in jail)
      Bret: For somebody who's in this thing up to his neck, you don't seem all that upset.
      Tom: Well, what for? We are still riding a famous Maverick hot streak, ain't we, partner?

    • Bret: That was a nice try, Tom, but, uh, these things take training and experience.
      Tom: And a hot streak now and then?
      Bret: Well, yeah, now and then. But, cheer up, you should get out of debt in at least six months if this deal goes through.
      Tom: By then you'll figure out some other way to put me under.
      Bret: Probably.

    • Mary Lou: Destiny, Ted, remember...destiny.
      Roosevelt: Do you really think we can make this thing work, Guthrie?
      Tom: Nope.

    • Jessica: You gotta believe me.
      Tom: And give me one good reason why I should.
      Jessica: Oh, Tom. I've never lied to you. (Tom rolls his eyes) Well, never seriously. Oh, Tom, please. There must be something I can do or say to get you to believe me.

    • Tom: Knowing you hasn't been all that easy, Dolly...but it sure ain't been dull.

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