Bret Maverick

Season 1 Episode 5

Horse Of Yet Another Color

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1982 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Bret: Shall we invite your friends in to join us, partner?
      Tom: Oh, well, Maverick...I..uh...
      Bret: I know you're not too much of a fast talker, Tom, but..uh..why don't you just give it a try?
      Tom: Well, there's not that much to tell, Bret.
      Bret: Oh, no? Well..uh..I guess you could start with why you tried to hustle me outta town, what you got goin' over at the bank...and then try to explain why the Red Ox looks cleaner than a church full of children?
      Tom: Just...a little business...and...I didn't wanna...tempt you away from that settled life I know you're after.
      Bret: Oh, well, now that's thoughtful of you, Tom, that's very thoughtful. Maybe I just better get your friends to fill me in.
      Tom: (stopping Bret) You do...and I'm just liable to forget what good friends we are.
      Bret: Are you threatenin' me, Tom?
      Tom: I'm comin' awful close.