Bret Maverick

Season 1 Episode 9

The Ballad Of Bret Maverick

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1982 on NBC
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The Ballad Of Bret Maverick

A stranger arrives in town claiming to be in the process of finishing an epic ballad on the life and times of Bret Maverick. At the same time, Maverick is trying to unload a silver mine he won in a poker game but all his potential buyers have heard of his exploits and are convinced it's a con game.


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    James Whitmore Jr.

    James Whitmore Jr.

    Justice Smith

    Guest Star

    Keith Walker (I)

    Keith Walker (I)


    Guest Star

    Donegan Smith

    Donegan Smith

    C. P. Whitfield

    Guest Star

    Priscilla Morrill

    Priscilla Morrill

    Mrs. Springer

    Recurring Role

    Jack Garner

    Jack Garner

    Jack The Bartender

    Recurring Role

    Tommy Bush

    Tommy Bush

    Deputy Sturgess

    Recurring Role

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      • Pappyism: The good Lord gave us wide mouths so we could swallow a lot of pride.

      • Tom: Pack it up! Move outta here.
        Smith: You the proprietor?
        Tom: Yeah ...and I don't like...drifters botherin' my payin' customers.
        Smith: Then how about payin' for some entertainment for your customers? I got a good old guitar out in the wagon.
        Tom: You're tryin' my patience.
        Smith: No, sir, I'm just tryin' to get on, just like everybody else. Wouldn't have to pay me cash. Give me a coupla jugs, and I sing real good, too.
        Tom: Out.
        Smith: Music makes a man spend, sir, it really does.

      • Whitfield: Maverick...not the gambler?
        Bret: Uh, semi-retired. I'm now specializing in high-quality investments.
        Whitfield: I came all this buy a silver mine from a man named Maverick?
        Bret: You are standing on the threshold of great opportunity.
        Whitfield: I'm sure it is...for you. Driver, leave the tan valise onboard, I'm going on.
        Bret: Look, this is legitimate. I won the Lucky Ace in a poker game. It's the highest assay in the territory. I can show you all the paperwork on it.
        Whitfield: (getting on stage) I'd be surprised if you couldn't.
        Bret: Well, you came all this way. The least you could do is go out and take a look at it.
        : Peddle your empty hole to some other sucker.

      • Smith: Say, um, Mr. Maverick?
        Bret: Yeah, what do you want?
        Smith: I been, uh, I been workin' on this song about ya...
        Bret: Song? That's all I need. Newspapers, books. Now a song about me?
        Smith: (after Bret walks off) That song's gonna get written, sportin' man...if it's the last thing the both of us do.

      • Mrs. Springer: (to Mary Lou) I know some dreams don't come true, but there is a bright side: neither do most nightmares.

      • Mary Lou: This really isn't the right time, you know.
        Tom: You don't even know what I...
        Mary Lou: Tom, I can tell what's on your mind by the way you're holding your hat.

      • Tom: Then why not marry me?
        Mary Lou: Sometimes I do think about it, Tom, tell you the truth, I'm...just not the gingham curtain type.
        Tom: For the life of me, I cannot understand why you're so set on doin' a man's work.
        Mary Lou: I know you don't understand, Tom. That's the problem.
        Tom: You wanna keep workin'? Okay. Part-time, I won't object.
        Mary Lou: How generous of you.
        Tom: Well, most men wouldn't be that tolerant.
        Mary Lou: Hard as it may be for you to understand, Tom Guthrie, I wasn't put on this earth to clean your stove and haul your ashes!

      • Dowd: (about Smith) Fella looks like he could use a dose of his own medicine.

      • Mary Lou: Well, now they're even writing songs about you. Where will it ever end?
        Bret: Right here. The last thing I need is some vagabond puttin' my life to music. I can't even make a decent killing anymore. As soon as they hear the word "Maverick", I'm left shakin' hands with a cloud of dust.

      • Tom: I don't know, it seems like every time you think you know where it's at with a woman, they up and move it on you.
        Bret: Well, I hope they haven't moved it too far.
        Tom: Ah, I don't need the first thing that comes to your mind, Bret. I need some advice. Can you define imagination for me?
        Bret: Imagination...that is the foresight to get it before it gets you.
        Tom: You're not helpin' much
        Bret: Well, it might help if you told me what it was I was supposed to be helpin'.

      • Bret: Ever since I drank that drifter's magic elixir I've been jumpier than a tote sack full of frogs.

      • (Tom tackles Smith and chokes him for trying to kiss Mary Lou)
        Smith: I'm sorry, Mr. Guthrie. I thought for a minute she was Dolores. I'm sorry, I got carried away
        Tom: That's next!

      • Bret: Tom, what happened to you?
        Tom: Your simple feather's touch, that's what happened to me.
        Bret: Nothin' worse than a man can't handle his love life. Next time you need advice, just don't ask.
        Tom: Don't worry. I'm goin' back to my original plan, and I'm gonna need your barn. If you say no, I'll tear your head off and shout down the hole.
        Jack: (laughs) Now ain't love grand?
        Bret: Man's comin' apart like a haystack in a hurricane.

      • (Smith holds Bret at gunpoint)
        Smith: Maverick? Finished that song. I thought you might like to hear it before we both moved on.
        Bret: I didn't know I was goin' anywhere.
        Smith: Depends on if you believe in the good book or not.
        Bret: You're not gonna sing a hymn are you?

      • (Smith finishes singing his song to a tied-up Bret)
        Bret: According to Tom Guthrie, this is where ya lean over and kiss me. (Smith pulls out a large knife) I guess you've got other plans.

      • Bret: Truth doesn't seem to get you anywhere anymore.

      • (Mary Lou groans)
        Tom: Well, how was that for imagination?
        Mary Lou: (breathless) Just...incredible, Tom. (sighs) And that thing out in the street wasn't bad, either.

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