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  • I remember this show!!! this is what got me started on the books! it is a great show.

    I remember watching this a while ago! i remember watching it everyday after i got back from my friend's house. It was a good idea, turning Brian Jaques books into a tv seiries, because he has almost 15 of them(in this particular seiries), last time i checked. I loved it, especially Basil. (now that i'm reading the books, alot of the time one of my favorite charectors is one of the hares). It was pretty close too, because they had more time to put in all the same details. It even has some things that aren't in the books. They continued on with a second and third season featuring Mattimeo and Martin the Warrior. I really miss it
  • Great literary animated series

    I am a literary woman,like I love films,theatrical shorts and TV series that are based on books, and I was shocked,surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard on the Internet; I've watched this show, and frankly I find it AWESOME! and just to let know, watching this series is what got to read the Redwall series. I love the original characters they've put on the show: Wild Ivy,the spunky,gypsy knife-thrower from a circus;and Farlo and his wife Glendel (almost sounds like 'Gwendel' to me),the two dormice who sell spices. The series also has an excellent musical score and a top-notch voice casting including :

    Tyrone Savage ... Matthias the Warrior,
    Chris Wiggins ... Abbot Mortimer, Alison Pill... Cornflower, Richard Binsley ... Basil Stag Hare,
    Janet Wright...Constance the Badger, Susan Roman ... Jess the Squrriel, Wayne Robson ... Methuselah, Graham Haley... Foremole,
    Tracey Moore ...Warbeak Sparra, Diego Matamoros ...Cluny The Scourge, François Klanfer... Shadow (there is something macabre 'about him), Julie Lemieux ... Sela the Vixen, Jonathan Wilson ...Chickenhound,
    Richard Denison ... Captain Snow the Owl,
    David Hemblen... Asmodeus,and
    Ben Campbell ... Voice of Martin the Warrior,King Bull Sparra
  • It is a very interesting show, and I think it should be brought back it was really easy to watch since they are animals and children could really tune in. It wasn\'t that violent either which is good but they showed battles.

    I think this show is decent definetley. It was cool how all the enemies were the bad animals we see today and the good ones are nice furry animals everyone loves. Also Michael Seater from Life With Derek is in this show, I love that when I can pick out his name. Season finale was awesome when Martin finally kissed his girl, and led everyone to victory! Brian Jacques is kind of amazing, they should bring this back or make a movie, I would totally go in a second! If they do make a movie they should make like a new war between the rats.
  • This show is about the adventures of differant mice who's stories are centered around an abby called redwall.

    This show has alot of good aspects to it. It teaches children about the middle ages in a way that they can understand, and it is just fun to watch. I like the values it teaches, and that there is always some sort of fun adventure in every episode. It also helps encourage children to read because after seeing the show, it inspires them to read the books, I know thats what it has done for me.
  • Redwall has a very unique fantasy style theme that never fails it's own charm. In fact, this is one of the most memorable fantasy stories ever made.

    Redwall is based on the book by the author of Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and The Long Patrol named Brian Jacques. The TV show of Redwall was created to remind youngsters and those who read the series to understand what actually happened in the book with more detail. The main character in the original series is Matthias, a young mouse monk that learns about the story about Martin the Warrior and starts a quest along with his friends that come up later in the series such as Basil Stag Hare. Then came Mattimeo, the 2nd season of the Redwall TV series and the 2nd in the Redwall fantasy saga. This time the main character is Mattimeo, who is the son of Matthias that gets captured along with other young ones and Matthias along with his buddies in the first story to find their loved ones and return safe to Redwall. Then the 3rd and final season of the Redwall TV series is actually a prelude (like The Lord of the Rings or Capcom's Devil May Cry game series) to the original Redwall story. This time the story aims at Martin, who is the son of Luke the Warrior (if you can remember from the books), and tells the story about how Redwall became the place where all adventurers and travellers alike can eat and take shelter.
    The books are wonderful stories, and I should say the same with the TV series since it follows the book's storyline. The TV series and books have a Final Fantasy style theme to it since the story is about love, hatred, war, and sadness. Overall, if you are the person who is interested in fantasy stories of anykind with a medeival style theme to it, then Redwall would be the show for you. But if you are interested in something with a bit of action and drama added to it, Redwall would also be the one to look at. Overall I give it a 10/10 because it happens to be my favorite fantasy story ever read.
  • redwall takes us on adventures that capture us and inspire us. redwall is a very simple , hospitable comunity with peaceful and strong creatures and in the face of danger even the the smallest creatures such as the mice can pull through.

    Redwall is absoulutely tophole! The mice are small and peaceful, but if forced willfull and strong with high morale which keeps them going. Even though I don`t like to see my cute ferrets being the "bad guy" they are shown and I like that. Legendary characters like " Martin the Warrior" who puts up the good fight and is truly inspirational, the feasts are mouth watering! the Hares like Basil Stag Hare are notoriously funny and have unsatiable appetites! Redwall Abbey is a place you can get away from everyday life and go on un forgetable adventure great friends and adversaries. Well Done!
  • Following the saga of the three main books of Redwall. In Redwall, young Matthias comes of age and becomes a warrior. In Mattimeo, Matthias\'s son is stolen. In Martin the Warrior, young Martin plotts revenge against a slaving stoat lord of fort Marshank.

    I\'m usually interested in tv serieses based off of books. They either really mess up, or it\'s worthy. In this case, this is one of the best ones ever.

    Plot: As a whole, it reflects the books nicely, in all the books. A few things change, but those things aren\'t dangerous if added or taken out. Absolutely no dead/dull time, as each episode contributes one way or another to the story and promises to give you your excitement for the day. Romance? Not a problem. I usually gag with romance, but this isn\'t Shakespear love, or corny teen love. In both book and show, it\'s love with actual MEANING. THANK YOU, BRIAN JACQUES! And the action, oh, love it. Lots of kids shows are reluctant to show violence, but this steps up as a bench-marker. Redwall books are usually pretty violent, and for a tv show, you have restrictions forced on you. And with those restrictions on, you have to love the output. So it\'s not bloody like in the books, big deal. You get what\'s expected. Badrang get\'s stabbed, that\'s all you need to know. No need to overdo it where you don\'t need to.

    Characters: The characters are practically mirrors of the book. They are exactly how I imagined them. They are well developed and interesting. Voice actors could use a little practice getting their character broken into at times, but overall, great effort.

    Music: Oh, it makes me MELT! It\'s simply GORGEOUS. I wish there was a soundtrack, seriously, I can spend all day listening to Redwall music.

    Art: Not much to say but good work. Yep, I put lots of charisma and feeling into the other parts, and you get \"good work\" from me here. I ran out of words, so leave me be.

    I\'ll leave you with this message: Give Redwall the love this classic deserves. A well earned 9.7/10
  • A talking animal show which doesn't insult your intelligence.

    I've read several of the "Redwall" books, and they are good reads for children and adults alike.
    Like the best children's literature, they teach the most common human values: courage, friendship, loyalty, respect, etc.
    But they transcend feeble age group catagories by having strong stories, and well developed characters. The books do feature obsessions with food, drink, and song, but they just add to the pleasure by showing how much detail Jacques has gone into to make this world "real".

    I caught only a few episodes, but they do seem to be faithful to the books. The good guys are very good, and the bad guys are very bad - yet there are some conflicted characters caught in between.
    While the story ends "happily ever after", it's not a sanitized ending: some characters die - a few do so horribly.

    As a result, this series is not for very small children who still can't tell the difference between reality and a TV show.

  • This show was one of the better childrens shows.

    Redwall and it's other seasons are based upon Brian Jacques best selling novels. It is about a group of mice who love peace in their tiny abbey. One night Cluny the Scurge a searat who holds a grudge against Martin the warrior. Tries to invade and make the peaceloving animals his slaves. It tells about how Matthias travels dispite his age and courage to recover a lost sword and rid the land of the evil tyrant Cluny.
    This show is unique because although it does follow the novel quite a bit it makes some stuff up for entertainment reasons. It is a great childrens show that teaches a very important method in life (one person can make a differance).
  • OF COURSE IT'S OFF THE WALL! IT'S REDWALL! A CLASSIC THAT IS WAY BEYOND MOST CLASSICS I'VE EVER SEEN! every season continues to grant you similar stories but it always manages to keep that charm it's had since day one!

    first season was a blast for those who have never picked up a Redwall book. I myself have never read the book though I plan to at some point. I'm sure even those who HAVE read the book would find the series to be quite a treat.

    young Matthias of Redwall was a young mouse living in a small village with his sisters and brothers. it was a poor life but at least he had a family and he was happy until Cluny The Scourge bounded in, destroying his village and killing his family, all except his sister. who took him away, heading towards Redwall Abbey where she knew she could seek shelter and her little brother, Matthias would be well cared for. sadly, she passed out just short of reaching the Abbey gates and soon died. Matthias however grew up learning the way of Abbey life and missing his family every day. soon, he discovered his fighting spirit and found out that he is son of Martin the warrior. that he was destined to take his place and become the new defender of Redwall Abbey. it was discovered when the words "I am that is" where unscrambled. they really read "I Matthias" he soon finds himself fighting, fighting to retrieve his father's sword from a cold hearted snake called Asmodeus and working hard to find his father's sheild and armor. once he got those things back, he came back and automatically found himself fighting off the villan, Cluny and fighting for his love, Cornflower.

    in the second season, Matthias and his beloved Cornflower find themselves raising a mischievous son named Mattimeo who felt he had the right to pick on others just because his father is the defender of Redwall. of course, little does everyone know, he was fighting a spy who was sent to live among them and let in Slaygar, the evil fox bent on kidnapping their children and putting them to work as slaves. Matthias and now the parents of other children in Redwall Abbey and even those in the planes and the deep forest, team up to save their young ones.

    the last season, is Martin the warrior. basically it's giving you background story on Matthias' father, Martin. Martin had been put down to slavery at a young age and is now trying to find a way to escape and free the other slaves. he falls in love with Laterose from Noonvale and the story continues on.

    I'd recommend this to anyone who has an imagination and the will to learn. Redwall is excellent and the music too is well inspired. I hope after reading my review, you will consider sitting down and watching it. overall, I'd say this amazing series is something to be admired. I really hope you'll sit down one of these days and just enjoy the show.

    - Tinker
  • Nelvana made so many mistakes which I think really ruined the show. I found TWENTY SIX. And there's a lot more where that came from sadly. I really hate to see it be like that, but sadly, it is. Well, I give it a 6.8 read below for details

    I really LOVE the books, but the tv show, like I said, had 26 mistakes, and maybe even MORE than that. It\'s very sad that Nelvana tore it up from the masterpiece that it is to some...nothing! But, I do think that overall, they did a good job. The animation is wonderfull, the pictures are just as you see them. Now, as for the voice talent, some might need a bit work, and same with the script. But I still believe we need to give Redwall a chance.
  • Redwall takes us on many an adventure, to the lands of Mossflower wood, filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes...both good and evil. Join the adventure as we follow the epic quests of some of the smallest but bravest heroes to ever reach the screen

    Redwall is the awesome adventure that is the brainchild of Brian Jaques, a highly talented British storyteller.

    The show centers around the adventures of many small creatures, mice, squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, sparrows, otters and badgers, as they protect the awesome Redwall Abbey from harm by evil creatures such as rats, foxes, weasels and stoats.

    The abbey's icon is the legendary Martin the Warrior, whose adventures we follow in the prologue 3rd season, and whose memory and sword guide future generations of abbey creatures to greatness.

    Over the course of three seasons, Redwall follows the stories of severl brave heroes...Martin, who when captured as a slave, makes a daring escape and returns to liberate his comrades from the evil Badrang, Matthias, who, as a young and bumbling abbey dweller, steps up in a time of need to help defend the abbey against Cluny the Scourge, and Matthias' scampish son Mattimeo, who, when kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel, must be strong and wise and overcome all odds to be freed with help from his father.

    All in all, Redwall is the ultimate treat for any adventure seeker. Quality animation, an engrossing musical score, and a deep storyline make Redwall a classic for all ages.
  • A great TV show to go with a wonderful saga! The exciting adventures of the novice mouse Matthias, faithful to the book with new adventures added.

    Redwall and its many prequels and sequels are wonderful, and they deserve an awesome television series! This show is faithful to the book, with some new adventures put in for those who only get to watch one episode (no sickening "TO BE CONTINUEDs" at the end).

    The television series follows the story of Matthias, a young mouse who was orphaned and taken in at the peaceful abbey of Redwall. He wanted to become a great warrior, and got his chance when the evil rat Cluny the Scourge attacked.

    There are thirteen episodes in this story, and you can watch the episodes based on other novels after that. For the reason that the author of the stories is British, the soft British animation style is used.

    This is a show that will stick in the minds of Redwall fans and those who've never heard of Redwall alike.