Brian Jacques' Redwall

Season 3 Episode 13

Rose of Noonvale

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Jul 28, 2002 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • This is more of a nitpick: When Rose gets killed by Badrang in this episode, she gets stabbed (yet they don't show it). However, in the book, she gets thrown into a wall and dies on impact.

  • Quotes

    • Martin: we fight for freedom not revenge, we fight in the name of Felldoh
      Ballar: The Fur and Freedom fighters

    • Badrang: Don't listen to that old fool he keeps his brains between his cloggs.

    • (Queen Amballa climbs over net on the north wall)
      Amballa: Ah Badda fox wanna try fly away. (A knife is pointed is held to her throat by Crosstooth)
      Martin: Running away lets see if we can get your act together than.
      Amballa: Swing Swing throw.
      (Amablla and Martin throw Crosstooth over the wall and he dies)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

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