Brian O'Brian

Friday 11:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 03, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Brian'O Brian is one of the shorts that air on Disney channel! And boy are they hilarious! Join Brian as he encounters not so challenging dificulties in this funny sketch!

    Brian O'Brian is my favorite short on Disney Channel! It is very very very very very very very funny! Every time I watch it, I burst out laughing! Especially the one when he was in the garden and then he was chased by that bee. Oh boy! That was hilarious! Oh yeah. In one episode when he answered the door, his girlfriend was wearing the same outfit as him! (The only difference was that she had on a skirt, and he had on pants) That was really funny! That's why I watch it! It's funny! Those of you who haven't watched it, you better start to!