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  • Hilarious

  • Save Brickleberry!!

    Love Brickleberry??! Of course you do! Now you can help save it. Netflix has picked up the existing 3 Season and with your help, they may pick them up for a Season 4 and hopefully beyond.

    What can you do you ask?

    Call Netflix; https://1-866-579-7172 or at Live chat at and let them know you love that they brought on Brickleberry and NEED a Season 4!

    Please also sign the petition; 121/725/422/bring-brickleberry-back-for-season-4/

    If you're not a current subscriber to Netflix but would be if there were a Season 4 of @BRICKLEBERRY? Please include that in the comments.

    Thank you for all the support and please for the love of Brickleberry, share the information with all the fans you know. Together we can bring back the Best. Show. Ever.
  • Save Brickleberry

  • Love it!

    Can't believe i've only just learned of this show, i'm a few episodes into season 2 and so far i haven't hated a single episode, continues to make me laugh like Family guy use to do when it first started!
  • Family Guy in the woods, but it has the elements family guy has lost!

    I came across this show by accident, never heard of it before. From the introduction in season 1 (where all the animals are all doing it) to the rex erection episode to the season 2 final episode i have been as woody would text ROFLMAO!! This show is hits the right buttons at the right time to keep me wanting more. You can see the producers do put alot of work in to keep the standard high.

  • Thank god they replaced futurama with brickleberry!!!

    Matt Groening's shows have become incredibly lame the past few years, and are just getting worse. you cant even get a Doh! anymore on the simpsons. Glad to see a great show like brickleberry is shining on! and thank you for not making it a lame PG rating like futurama. the rated R brickleberry makes up for all the lame @ss shows on comedy central (except Tosh.0).

    seriously this sucks daniel your a stand up not a cartoon writer/animator tosh.0 is sucking right now focus on that and not on this doodle show, the animation looks like it was animated with goanimate?, and the characters are dry and unimaginative.
  • I can't believe all the negativity

    I think that this show is actually pretty good. Daniel Tosh is always hilarious and some of the other voice actors are classic (tom kenny, david herman). I am however, somewhat disappointed that Kaitlin Olson isn't on the show anymore, her attitude and personality seemed to fit that character well.
  • Comedy Central has a great line-up of TV Comedies, This 'show' is a slap to the face to that legacy.

    Let's face it. When I'm flipping around on TV my number one option for entertainment is comedy central, and who can judge me. When you have an impressive line-up consisting of: South Park, It's Always Sunny in Philly, Futurama, The Colbert Report, Workaholics, The Daily Show. Hell, even some of the weaker shows are pretty funny.

    But Brickleberry is unfunny, offensive, and just plain low brow humor. My problem is that it would be a show I necessarily would be neutral towards, but my friends treat this show like it's The Wire meets The Twilight Zone. It's not that great. Mainly because it tries to hard to be offensive. Whereas with South Park it works with it's parody on society and overall Cynicism. But in Brickleberry's circumstance, it just doesn't work. Now I know this show has it's cult, but seriously watch these episodes, and tell me they are as good as South Park or It's Always Sunny in Philly. It's sad because it has the voice talent but in the end, it's just not good enough.

    Brickleberry just isn't funny, which is a mortal sin for comedies. So it's just not that great, but likely due to the fanbase it has. It will stay for a much longer time than I'd like. So yeah, I have nothing else to say but don't watch Brickleberry. I'd say this show Utterly Sucks.
  • Finally Something Funny in computer animation

    This show is 10 times better than stupid ChalkZone, Stupid The Mighty B, Stupid My Gym Partner's a Monkey and Stupid Scaredy Squirrel all at once.
  • They Cancel Futurama and renew this godawful unfunny garbage instead?

    What the hell Comedy Central? You guys are morons! I can't believe you dumbasses canceled that show and give Brickleberry a second season instead? I'm losing respect for that channel if they want to renew unfunny garbage instead of their smart shows!
  • Time I'm NEVER getting back >:(

    I love Tosh.O & the sense of humor Daniel has, but this show is awful, in almost every way. It's far too disgusting for it's own good, loaded with unimaginative & unlikable characters, makes little sense, dry sense of humor, uncreative in pretty much every aspect of the word, ugly character designs (I mean really, they're just as ugly as Johnny Test's characters), crap-ass animation, & poor voice editing.

    I expected better from Tosh.O because he's hilarious & original; instead, I was severely disappointed & it felt like Daniel Tosh had nothing to do with this project, like, at all. Worst of all is that show show is pretty much a really bad & ugly copy & paste rip-off of Family Guy, only worse.

    The show takes risks & tries far too hard to be like South Park, & Ugly Americans but fails miserably with it's raunchy humor, dried up, unoriginal jokes, poor one-liners, & characters that you wish would be shot dead. You can say the same for other shows like "Drawn Together", but no. Drawn Together had it's major controversies from the pilot & a few other episodes, many racial jokes & stereotypes that sometimes took it too far, & many situations that were downright too grotesque to have been considered, but the show tried & managed to lift itself up with it's own original concept, but it was one of those shows that tried far too hard to be like South Park; I.E. to not take what it did too seriously (but it failed often). Hell, even the characters were more developed in a manner you might even relate to somehow.

    Brickleberry is the exact opposite, & it doesn't even look like it tries to improve on itself. At least improve the crap-ass flash animation >.> Maybe then I'll take it a little more seriously. The characters have no development or depth & are as likable as a cockroach, the coloring & designs of the world is cheap & looks ugly (hell you can ask a 5 year old to draw a forest with crayons & they'd do a better job at it than this show does), each episode makes little to no sense, there is pretty much no storytelling, & has a very ugly sense of humor. As for the voice acting, while it isn't bad, it's just stiff (best put). And the editors here didn't bother to manipulate the voices to the characters to blend them in well at all. You can easily tell that they just recorded the voice actors' quotes & slapped them onto the characters without bothering to make them look like they came out of the characters' lips.

    So all in all, this show sucks, & is a complete waste of time, & an hour of my life I will NEVER get back (an hour because I watched a second episode to give it a chance if it could be better, but it was a huge mistake). How this show is even being renewed for a second season but The Hard Times of RJ Berger was not given a third season, I will never know. Just cancel it MTV, you have Ugly Americans, so leave it at that. (Because Ugly Americans is genius, this show is a turd's abomination).
  • Dreadful

    I love Tosh.0, and with all his plugging of this show, I figured it'd be pretty good. Unfortunately, it was incredibly disappointing. Everything about it was stale and unoriginal. Normally, I love Tosh's dry, sarcastic humor, but here, it was just annoying, as were all of the other characters. I honestly cannot believe this show is getting a second season.
  • Terrible

    Watched about 3 min and became disgusted.....

    It's just nasty and evil to be nasty and evil ... no creativity

    I guess it's garbage to feed garbage people? I don't get it and I don't want to
  • Like Family without the editing.

    I like this better then Family has a similar feel but it way more over the top. I feel it's what Family Guy could be if they weren't edited for network. The 4th episode is the best one so far.
  • Boring and stupid

    Offensive cartoons are great and I love them but apparently this shows creators are just careless and lazy. They don't seem to realize that every joke in the show has been done before and done better somewhere else, South Park already did it, then Family Guy did it again, and then Adult Swim did it over and over again. There is nothing to see here but another copy cat that fails to provide any semblance of character development or plot. If you want me to laugh at the character then you have to let me get to know them and understand them, its like they didn't even try. This show is about 10 years too late.
  • well well!

    I must say I enjoy every second of it, the show is quite promising and I cannot wait for the next episode. Brickleberry is the bomb!

    From what I've seen Brickleberry is the shizzznik. Totally adult explicit, funny. So if you can't handle comedy at it's nastiest.... GO SOMEWHERE ELSE WITH THAT BULL. This show is made for laughter. After a while anything can become funny. If it's the truth & it's funny oh well because Brickleberry is the God honest truth.
  • Coming Soon!

    As the Supervising Director on this awesome new series, I guarantee you're in for a laugh. We're pushing the envelope with comedy and have some Hilarious characters coming your way. Don't forget, Daniel Tosh is also providing his voice for Malloy (the bear in this funny show), so make sure you don't miss it this fall.

    Get some sneak peaks all season starting tonight (May 29th) on Tosh.o.