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what a groundbreaker!

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    anthony andrews and jeremy irons were virtually unknown when this was broadcast; olivier and gielgud were, presumably, the draws (who reads waugh?  okay, apart from me?)  but when it hit the airwaves those two young men were instant stars!

    there is so much to say about this series, i hardly know where to begin.  can someone help me out and begin for me?  i'm not usually tonguetied.  must be lack of sleep.


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    It has been more than five years since you posted the above, pirategennie. Here are two pieces which I've just condensed into 1 on 2/3/'13. I've written all that follows in reaction to the TV series.-Ron Price, Tasmania

    ------------------------------- REVISITING BRIDESHEAD----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Revisiting Brideshead was televised last night.(1) I had seen this 11 part series on television back in the 1980s, or early 1990s, after it first came out in 1981. I had not read the novel, Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred & Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder by English writer Evelyn Waugh(1903-1966) which was first published in 1945. Evelyn Waugh was an English writer of novels, biographies, and travel books. He was also a prolific journalist and reviewer. Neither had I seen the 2008 film version of the book. I had written about the TV series after I retired from my 40 years of employment, 1959-1999, and after I had seen the series a second time in Australia. I enjoyed the story of the making of this series beginning as far back as 1979 when I had come to Tasmania a second time in my life.-Ron Price with thanks to ABC2, 11:55-12:45, 19 & 20/9/'11.

    When the film first came out in 1981, the UK was having a very bad year. Some 2 to 3 million were out of work and the list of bad news was enough to fill all those English heads to the top.(1) There was nothing like this bit of escapism, this trip to the past to get away from the real world into a nostalgic, a romanticized past, with its homoerotic suggestiveness and Evelyn Waugh's WW2 vision.(2)

    I'll let all you readers here find out what it all meant to Waugh, to his critics and to modern viewers whose views are available for all to see on that new source of info: the internet.(3)--Ron Price with thanks to (1) Wikipedia for all the bad news in 1981, (2) Waugh wrote in the preface to the 1959 edition of the book that he was appalled by his book and found it distasteful.

    I was only a bay, aged 1, when the book was first published, and 15 when the 1959 edition came out. I had read none of Waugh by 1959. I lived in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe, had just joined the Baha'i Faith, and was in love with sport and at least 3 girls. The plot of the book was set in the months when I was in utero. I was particularly interested in Waugh's defence of Catholicism, his critique of secular humanism and his emphasis on the many forms of conversion that take place in peoples' lives. Ron Price, 20/9/'11 to 2/3/'13.

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    TALKING POINTS: On the Waugh Path...


    On Thursday 27 October at 8pm we present an evening of nostalgia with Derek Granger, producer and writer of Brideshead Revisited, plus some of his celebrity friends from the programme.

    In 1981 Brideshead Revisited was nominated for thirteen BAFTA Awards, eleven Emmy Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and won the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Drama Serial.

    Still much loved today, it was recently voted as the second best TV programme of all time by the Guardian and listed among the 10 Best costume dramas ever by the Observer, and was also the subject last year of a BBC Radio 4 Reunion Programme.

    This year Brideshead Revisited celebrates its 30th Anniversary with its fame and appeal undiminished. Derek will talk about the extraordinary adventure of the making of the series with clips from the show. Come along for a trip down TV's memory lane...

    Find out more at

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