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ITV (ended 1981)

what a groundbreaker!

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    anthony andrews and jeremy irons were virtually unknown when this was broadcast; olivier and gielgud were, presumably, the draws (who reads waugh?  okay, apart from me?)  but when it hit the airwaves those two young men were instant stars!

    there is so much to say about this series, i hardly know where to begin.  can someone help me out and begin for me?  i'm not usually tonguetied.  must be lack of sleep.


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    TALKING POINTS: On the Waugh Path...


    On Thursday 27 October at 8pm we present an evening of nostalgia with Derek Granger, producer and writer of Brideshead Revisited, plus some of his celebrity friends from the programme.

    In 1981 Brideshead Revisited was nominated for thirteen BAFTA Awards, eleven Emmy Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and won the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Drama Serial.

    Still much loved today, it was recently voted as the second best TV programme of all time by the Guardian and listed among the 10 Best costume dramas ever by the Observer, and was also the subject last year of a BBC Radio 4 Reunion Programme.

    This year Brideshead Revisited celebrates its 30th Anniversary with its fame and appeal undiminished. Derek will talk about the extraordinary adventure of the making of the series with clips from the show. Come along for a trip down TV's memory lane...

    Find out more at http://www.chickenshed.org.uk/1181/shows/talking-points-on-the-waugh-path-brbrideshead-revisited-revisited.html

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