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  • SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched the show since it started in Romania .. it was a pleasure ... now it has become a nightmare ...... aggressive women .. vulgar .. uneducated ... it's wedding today in america?? I would like to think .. not! Why should you do a show with some crazy women .. do not understand ... maybe you should revisit some of the early issues show and see what the quality was then! episode realy sad....
  • Run Away Grooms!!!

    Okay, I watch this show and think why would any man want to marry these women!?! Majority of the women on the show are rude, disrespectful, selfish, jealous, untrusting, untrustworthy, and I could go on and on. Not to mention they have no appreciation or consideration for human life. I've only seen a couple decent women on the show that was actually having seemingly normal problems that may have reacted out of stress in a somewhat proper manners. The rest of the girls are crazy, uncaring, lazy and if they treated me the way they do their own bridesmaids I would not take that. I hope they eventually wake up and realize they cannot have everything they want all the time! And Suzy from season 8, I really think that girl is possessed and needs an exorcism for real tho! And her husband along with all the grooms on that show is stupid for allowing himself to be treated that way, staying with her and marrying her. In every show there are obvious signs showing the grooms to get out of a bad situation and they don't. I cannot wait for the episode when the groom actually leaves. It should happen more often in these scenarios. Their behavior is absolutely unacceptable and shows total complete ignorance and it shows me the bride I never want to be. Lol those girls are crazy
  • I blame the parents

    I can understand the parents allowing themselves to be treated like something their daughter stepped in, it is obvious that the girl has pretty much raised to think she is special. What I do not get is why any man in his right mind would marry a woman who treated people and other family members that bad...he should run and never look back and Daddy needs to let princess grow the heck up!
  • i did not put my rating so low for the show it was for karen from S.I

    my heart breaks for her parents because of the shame she has brought to them. to show the world that with all they have done for her they are failures as parents how sad that must make them.karen is a great example of what kind of a person you should not be to look down upon people with less than you is a sin.and the man in the street in nyc said it best her man will cheat on her. she is just arm candy to further his the poorest people in new york didnt need to be rich to tell the truth. she is spoiled and very needy and with all her riches she will never have what does not cost a thing true and unconditional love. even her parents have to love her because she is their child but if they did not know her they wouldnt give her the time of day.they are very nice people that created a bad seed. they would never say it to her but as a mother of tree beautiful girls i know that is what they think.i showed my daughters this episode. it was good for them to see ugly
  • Quick, let's make a show that makes the abnormal look normal! What could be bad about that? Except that it's ridiculous?

    Here's a newsflash: some people have problems setting up their weddings. This, then, is supposed to imply that they are awful people. I don't get it either.

    There's a difference between this show and other reality shows, because this show gives you only a tiny part of reality and cranks it out of proportion, to make you think that's the whole thing. In other words, there's not a lot of reality in it. When all they show you are bad examples, sooner or later, you may start to think that all that's out there are bad people. This is called the fallacy of the small sample. By its very title, this show sets out to market a stereotype, and it's all the more worrisome that some people really do seem to get their social education from this sorry mess. Of course, there are plenty of people who are not like the ones on this show. However, you'll never see them on television. (And let's not even think about shows that deal with the young men as they prepare to get married. There can't be any groomzillas, whatever those would be like. We can't have a story that looks at both sides, are you crazy?) Why? Because people who aren't cardboard cutouts just require too much time and too much thinking to deal with them. We can't have that.

    The show asks us, "Who among us has not met a Bridezilla?" I haven't. Then again, I don't think people are like fictional monsters just because planning a wedding is a pain in the neck. I guess I'm not shallow enough.
  • It was indeed painful to see Sharon living for a wedding from anoher world. Her family and "friends" were completely out of touch with her wishes. Maria was the total train wreck you pray doesn't happen but you can't turn away in disbelief.

    Bottom line is basically 1) Don't let an alcoholic lead you into her wedding hell so she can squirm around the dance floor with her drunk husband at the reception; and 2) Work with all of your wedding party to plan a day that you all can enjoy together. P.S. Remember to hire people to clean up after your event! * * * * I loved the ribbon bouquet that Sharron had. Does anyone know where I can find one? * * * * Really, it was unique and very lovely, but I doubt not much less expensive than flowers.
  • Embarrassed to say that I have seen more than one show. These girls should not be rewarded for the way they act. This goes to all the girls on the show. I'm watching Chris/Candace right now. I am disgusted that humans can be proud of this.

    I got married last oct 06. For the year before planning I watched Bridezillas for what I thought would be helpful hints. Instead, every night that I watched this show I would stay up late sick to my stomach. I prayed that I wouldn't act like them. The day of my wedding was PERFECT. I know that can't always be said. I was extremely stressed and everyother day tell my groom maybe we should elope because we had to pay for everything our selves. But it came and went and I never once acted like those girls on the show. Yes, the name of the show fits it perfectly. But I am truely sad that there are ladies out there like that. These girls think they are better then everyone else. I agree it's your day. But, that doesn't give you the right to treat people like that. I now get sick watching it because I can't believe that the wedding party, friends, family let someone treat them the way these girls treat people who are there for them. If it was me (which it never would be) I would be embarrassed and wouldn't want people to see me like that. My husband said he wouldn't have let me even think of acting like that. These girls are proud the way they treat people and acted. This is so sad. Don't call yourself a good person. Because the girls that make it on this show are very low class. Life isn't just about you. Treat people with kindness. No one deserves what these girls do. I am writing this to every girl that has been on the show. You should feel ashamed and embarrassed. All the stress, drama and heartache happened because of you. Grow up. I hope some day soon there won't even be able to have a show called Bridezillas because this world will act how humans were intended to act. It is not a proud moment to know you are the Queen B*tch.
  • Stephani the pig of a bride. She doesn't like poor people, lol. Her poor suffering husband!!!!

    Stephani was a horrible person inside and out. I found her to be complete pure white trash. It is unbelievable someone would marry this fat obnoxious slob. Where do you find scum like this? It was porky pig in a white gown. She doesn't like poor people and yet she is one, lol. I feel so bad for the slob that married her. She was really one of the ugliest brides I have ever seen. Her reception was a riot, I have never seen such a joke before. One ugly chick and fat as a cow. She had the filthiest mouth and it fit her to a T. A big filthy classless slob.
  • Love the show, but there's problems now!

    I loved this show when it first came on. But now, every episode literally has words being constantly bleeped because these people think its ok to swear. The type of people they are using is going downhill. I'm sorry, but some of these people are just downright ghetto. They act it, they behave like it, they swear like it.

    This use to be a good show, but until the network cleans up or has the people they are using on their show clean-up (hence, NO SWEARING or behaving like ghetto), I won't be watching it anymore.

    I'll stick to the Platnium Weddings instead. At least those people have class, even when things don't go right.
  • While watching the Stephanie episode for Aug. 19th and 26th, I felt the need to make a comment. I was hoping that I could find a website that she would go on, like write directly to the bridezillas but I couldn't. So I have to take what I can get.

    I am watching Bridezillas because I can't get enough of it (except watching the same episode over and over again.) Anyway, I heard Stephanie from the August 19th and 26th episodes say poor people gross her out. I was shocked. She is a very selfish, prejudice, narcissistic pig. There are more words that I can use to describe her but I will not go there. First she starts off by walking into the bridal headpiece store and asked if anyone in there speaks english (these were Asian people mind you). Then she topped it off this week by saying that poor people are gross and they make her sick. She is so full of it. Why on God's earth would that guy marry her, and how in heavens name is she a mother. I hope she grows up and raises her child better. But for now I have a few words for the oversized, narcissistic brute and I sure do hope that she could read this. Stephanie, I do not like fat, oversized pigs, they scare the daylights out of me. They are disgusting and punnishing to human nature. I have to hold my food real close to me because I am affraid that you will steal it from me. What's worse is you went and put on those fake boobs to make you look more like a nasty joke and now you want a tummy tuck to work unrealistic wonders and trust you need more than a tummy tuck to look human. Lord knows I am sorry for that poor forsaken personal trainer because it is going to take a stupendous miracle to make you loose as little as a half a pound. Also, you need to go back to your GYN to make sure you don't have another kid in that big ole' gut. It is so funny, when I first saw Stephanie I thought she was a very pretty girl. But very quickly all I had was an ugly sight. Stephanie her self looks like she came out of some trailer park and living off that poor guy. She does not have the slightest idea on life all she knows is how to be a golddigger and an ignorant narcissist. I'll stop here because I am going to start saying things that will cause me get kicked off. I just want to say that I have nothing against fat people one of the people I love most in my life is big, but you know what she is big and have a huge, beautiful heart unlike Stephanie the Pig. I love fat people. After all they are people, except Stephanie. She is a warthog. She is the worst Bridezilla.
  • Aditude Check please!

    WOW what can i say about this show full of raging mad brides trying to make thier day the best day of thier life thier way! Screaming , yelling, temper tantrums, fights, hitting, trowing of objects, argery grooms,angery moms, angery brides, it's caotic! I hope i'm not like those girls. Oh thought it is fun to see what some of these girls get outraged about. I find some of these stories commical! I actually was on one brides side when her veil wasn't ordered right and when it came in she made the lady fix it right there then on the day of her wedding the beads on her dress started to fall of. Needless to say all heck broke loose. Funny show to watch if you're a bride yourself or just for good humor!
  • The Drama of Getting Married is fun to watch!!!

    Bridezillas, first off, is a show about brides who are control freaks over just about every aspect of their wedding or who tend to go ballistic on even the closest people to them. This show follows and chronicles the days leading up to the wedding and all the drama that ensues. I love watching Weddings and use to watch the wedding show on TLC until the show just became too bland for me. Bridezillas kinda offer up the same thing but also focus on a bunch of the arguing, stress, and overall drama involve in getting a wedding together. It's that aspect of this show that gives it a kick to me. I love the show and recommend for anybody to watch it @ least once especially if they are in the process of planning a wedding or just wanna see how it goes done.
  • The greatest bridezilla show ever seen was with Marsh and Archie. I laughed about that episode and now my daughter and I imitate them for fun.

    The episode with Marsha and Archie was exceptional, she should really get an oscar for her performance. This episode kept me anticipating more, and I hated for it to go off. When the next show aired, I was actually disappointed that the producers did not focus all of the attention on this couple, because I believe that they knew that this was the best show ever. I think that a great way to extend the season, would be to show each couple's tribulations alone without the distraction of other couples. I went to Target about five times, because they had the sticker indicating that they the DVD in stock, but they kept selling out of it. I had to wait for a while to get my copy. I bought Season two thinking that Marsha and Archie were on that one, but after getting it, I was disappointed, because this couple was not on that DVD.. Can\'t wait for season three to come out, and I will be the first one to buy it.
  • OMG! What a great show!

    Bridezillas is an original reality/drama show which takes reality where it's never been before. Just the idea of all of these selfish, controlling, worried, panicky bride-to-be is amazing and watching the show is so fun and entertaining. I just love watching all of these 'bridezillas' break down, boos around and be as selfish as possible! This is entertainment at its limit, I mean you see these brides-to-be giving a fine example of what they will be like when they have children to their husbands which is a really good concept. The first 2 seasons were great and what we have seen so far of season 3 have been great so I just hope it stays as good!