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  • Embarrassed to say that I have seen more than one show. These girls should not be rewarded for the way they act. This goes to all the girls on the show. I'm watching Chris/Candace right now. I am disgusted that humans can be proud of this.

    I got married last oct 06. For the year before planning I watched Bridezillas for what I thought would be helpful hints. Instead, every night that I watched this show I would stay up late sick to my stomach. I prayed that I wouldn't act like them. The day of my wedding was PERFECT. I know that can't always be said. I was extremely stressed and everyother day tell my groom maybe we should elope because we had to pay for everything our selves. But it came and went and I never once acted like those girls on the show. Yes, the name of the show fits it perfectly. But I am truely sad that there are ladies out there like that. These girls think they are better then everyone else. I agree it's your day. But, that doesn't give you the right to treat people like that. I now get sick watching it because I can't believe that the wedding party, friends, family let someone treat them the way these girls treat people who are there for them. If it was me (which it never would be) I would be embarrassed and wouldn't want people to see me like that. My husband said he wouldn't have let me even think of acting like that. These girls are proud the way they treat people and acted. This is so sad. Don't call yourself a good person. Because the girls that make it on this show are very low class. Life isn't just about you. Treat people with kindness. No one deserves what these girls do. I am writing this to every girl that has been on the show. You should feel ashamed and embarrassed. All the stress, drama and heartache happened because of you. Grow up. I hope some day soon there won't even be able to have a show called Bridezillas because this world will act how humans were intended to act. It is not a proud moment to know you are the Queen B*tch.