Sunday 9:00 PM on WE - Women's Entertainment Premiered Jun 01, 2004 In Season


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  • i did not put my rating so low for the show it was for karen from S.I

    my heart breaks for her parents because of the shame she has brought to them. to show the world that with all they have done for her they are failures as parents how sad that must make them.karen is a great example of what kind of a person you should not be to look down upon people with less than you is a sin.and the man in the street in nyc said it best her man will cheat on her. she is just arm candy to further his the poorest people in new york didnt need to be rich to tell the truth. she is spoiled and very needy and with all her riches she will never have what does not cost a thing true and unconditional love. even her parents have to love her because she is their child but if they did not know her they wouldnt give her the time of day.they are very nice people that created a bad seed. they would never say it to her but as a mother of tree beautiful girls i know that is what they think.i showed my daughters this episode. it was good for them to see ugly
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