Season 4 Episode 10

Stephani / Danika

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2007 on WE - Women's Entertainment
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More brides, more problems.
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  • Stephani's a f@#*@#g B@#@h!!! Danika's just a dumb@#s!!!!!

    Stephani has to live very secluded in Texas. If she doesn't you know someone that lives around the neighborhood she was calling discusting has already whipped her big @#s!!!! I know she wasn't thinking when she was tapeing the show of how ignorant and hurtful she was being. She was surely just trying to impress somebody. Poor people will help you before a rich person will and if she ever gets into distress she will see that. (if they haven't seen the show.) My boyfriend works on a drilling rig as a toolpusher for a pretty large company. He makes good money but i can tell you they earn every dime of it and they are not rich. I hope after watching herself on tv she can over come the humiliation and will oneday be able to get out of the house again but until then maybe she'll think of the less fortunate a little different. Danika, she is the equivelant of a 6 year old. GROW UP!!!!! Church is a house of worship but your not the one to be worshipped! You should've had your wedding in a bar or outside. Then you could throw whatever you wanted! (even your tantrums!)moreless
  • Stephanie gets ready to tie the knot, throws tamtrums, and berates all involved while Danika plays the role of a high maintanence L.A. bride to a T.

    My opinion on Stephanie is revealed in the review for the next episode. She has serious anger management issues and what seems like a severe dependency on drugs. To make light of this dependency doesn't bode well nor does her attitude. I'm impressed that, as an overweight woman, she has such self-confidence. I admire that given the fact that many women struggle with their self image. However, that does not give her the right to mock all others and demand obedience and mind-reading. She's capricious, illogical, immature, and obnoxious. She found a good partner to balance her out. Now, I understand that the stress of a wedding exacerbates a situation. However, the comments she made were not just from stress. They were from a sense of entitlement. It's painful to watch her segments.

    As for Danika, she's fine. She's high maintanence and a little too sensitive. The church lady was snide but, in her defense, a lot of places don't allow confetti. I'm sure Danika made a mountain out of a molehill because she didn't get her way. I don't, however, blame her for smashing cake in her fiance's head. He deserved it! Anyway, she was ok to watch. I enjoyed her thematic wedding. I just think she may be a bit young to be tying the knot.moreless
  • Stephanie from Texas--- Very Sad

    Unfortunately, this episode I would consider a very disfunctional one. It was not at all funny or even remotely happy to see such a woman who was cursing to her husband infront of that little baby. Almost every word had to bleeped out. I can only imagine what that little girl must feel regarding the yelling and tension that exists. I hope that this was all a put on for the camera. I think this Bridezilla needs alot more than a TV show. I really hope that this was all staged and not reality. This was not one of my favorites.moreless

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