Bridges to Cross

CBS (ended 1986)


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  • Season 1
    • Looks Like Up to Me
      Dean Richmond, an ex-con straight out of prison, is hired to write for the magazine. He and Peter work with Tracy on a cover-up briber story in connection with the union elections. Dean hoodwinks both Peter and Kane out of $5,000 that was meant for a payoff and shows up at Tracy's with the money and knife. She talks him into asking for help.moreless
    • Take a Cup of Kindness
      Tracy Bridges, a top reporter for "World Week" Magazine is astonished when her colleague, Justin St. Clair, is arrested by the FBI for espionage. She assists her rival and ex-husband Peter Cross on the story. Through their investigation into the FBI's actions and Justin's past they discover he has been recruited as a double-agent to work against the Russians.moreless
    • Memories of Molly
      Tracy and Peter are assigned to do separate stories because of tightening budgets and end up working together to unveil an imposter and help a woman reclaim her wealth to help the homeless, her real friends.
    • Keeper of the Flame
      Peter and Tracy go to Virginia to attend the funeral of an old college friend. After the service they are told by his widow that his "accidental" death was murder. The investigation leads to Victor Raines, an old enemy of Tracy's group of friends and leader of a terrorist group who was recently paroled. Tracy is next on his list and lures him to the "World Week" offices where the FBI come to arrest him.moreless
    • A Theory of Dark Thunder
      Peter's mechanic comes to him with two slugs he removed from the upholstery of a burned out car he bought. Peter finds the car had been owned by the now deceased Gregor Reddin, a large publisher of pornography. Tracy and Peter suspect a cover-up surrounding Reddin's death.
    • Yesterday Upon the Stair
      Kane Morris' new assistant Sharon Lampert insists on going along with Tracy to interview a young boy who is victim of a drug culture and passes him a secret note for his brother. Peter is not working with Tracy this week because he has writer's block. Tracy learns that Sharon was dealing drugs with the interviewee's brother and confronts her. Peter gets over his writer's block by writing erotic literature.moreless