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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1998 on FOX
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Detective Ezekiel Stone was murdered in 1983 and sent to Hell for having previously murdered his wife's rapist. Now he is being sent back to Earth to help track down escaped demonic souls, giving him a second chance.

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  • Interesting premise that delivers on action but leaves something to be desired regarding content.

    The college years. If it was new between 1997 and 2001, I missed it. So, I come to Brimstone ten years too late, but open to the concept. Where this episode excels is casting: from Stone to Salinas, all the actors (minus the children) fit well. What I did not like was the way the Devil and Stone interacted...sure, Satan may not have much power on Earth, but he's still Satan, and Stone's almost indifference to the Father of Lies after fifteen years in Hell was a mistake. Also, when Stone is visiting his old house, why was it unsold for fifteen years with all the original furniture, if Stone's wife is still alive and could have sold it? Still, the plot is intriguing enough to keep me sated until Dresden Files pulls a Family Guy and gets reordered by Sci-Fi.moreless
Peter Woodward

Peter Woodward

Father Edward Salinas

Guest Star

Michael Harney

Michael Harney

Det. Charlie Hirsch

Guest Star

Currie Graham

Currie Graham

Det. William Kane

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Stone pays $62.50 per night at the hotel in NYC, cash up front, but when he died, he had only $36.27 on him. It's later specifically established that $36.27 is therefore what he wakes up with each morning. So, how did he pay for the hotel in NYC?

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Ezekiel: Time to give the Devil his due.

    • Ezekiel: I was a cop. I was good at my job. I was married. I had a good life. When my wife was raped, we, uh, caught the guy who did it, but he got off. I tracked him down, and I killed him.
      Father Salinas: This is a terrible, terrible sin, my son.
      Ezekiel: Two months later, I, I cornered this petty thief who had a gun. He opened up on me. I took five bullets to the face and neck...and I died. And because I had killed a man in cold blood, I went to Hell. You okay in there, Father? You know, it's funny but even the most maximum security penitentiaries, from time to time, inmates will escape. It happened on Devil's Island, it happened at Alcatraz. Six weeks ago, it happened in Hell. One hundred and thirteen of the most vile creatures whoever walked the earth escaped. And now they're back.
      Father Salinas: But the Prince of Lies, the master of Hell, surely having his subjects back on Earth spreading chaos and destruction, all this would bring a smile to his face.
      Ezekiel: Ohh no, Father. You of all people know that even the devil has to answer to a higher power. He screwed up, and now he needs someone to fix things. Track down those creatures and... send them back to Hell.
      Father Salinas: Why are you telling me this, this ridiculous story?
      Ezekiel: Oh come on, Father. I think you know why.

    • Stone: I'm very, uh, flattered, but I'm married.
      Museum Lady: Well, that's too bad.
      Stone: Not to mention dead.

    • Kane: Tell me what you know about this case.
      Ezekiel: You wouldn't believe me if I did?
      Kane: What makes you so sure?
      Ezekiel: Because you seem like an intelligent man.
      Kane: You know what, maybe I'm not as bright as I look. Try me.

    • Ezekiel: Brightest light you've ever seen. Think you're going to Heaven and you wake up somewhere else.
      Father Horn: How do you know that?
      Ezekiel: I knew someone who was shot in the face.
      Father Horn: Did he survive?
      Ezekiel: No.

    • The Devil: You know they planned this for centuries? Totally unprecedented. Oh, there've been a few over the millennia who slipped through the cracks. Isolated incidents. Never anything like this. They think they'll beat the devil. They're wrong, Ezekiel. Nobody beats me.
      Ezekiel: What are you doing here?
      The Devil: Well, your first day on the job, you drop the ball, I'm thinking maybe I picked the wrong guy.
      Ezekiel: Yeah. Maybe you did. He was stronger than me, faster. He even burned a hole through a chain-link fence!
      The Devil: Well, after all, he was my guest for nearly a century. You been with me what, fifteen years? The longer you're in Hell, the more it becomes a part of you, literally. Some of those that escaped have been mine since the dawn of time, and have the powers to prove it.
      Ezekiel: Terrific. Nice odds.

    • Stone: (to the Devil) Listen, pal. You need me as much as I need you. You may be all-powerful down below, but up here you're just another corporate big shot who's trying to cover his ass. Now if you can't police your own, no one is ever gonna be afraid of you again.

    • The Devil: Remember, Mr. Stone. Gilbert Jax was a rapist, not a murderer. He didn't kill your wife. You had no right to kill him. God's universe doesn't work like the American legal system. You do something, you pay for it.
      Ezekiel: That is all I was doing. I was trying to make the bastard pay.
      The Devil: Yes, yes, now that's what I like to hear. The indomitable spirit and righteous indignation of the human species. I've heard it a million times defending a billion atrocities, and it's still music to my ears.

    • Hirsch: I'm an Old Testament guy. You go your way, and I'll go Yahweh.

    • Desk Clerk: Where you been?
      Ezekiel: Out of the country.
      Desk Clerk: Whereabouts?
      Ezekiel: Down under.
      Desk Clerk: Huh. There you go. The elevator's busted, but, uh, you're only on the third floor.
      Ezekiel: Long as I'm going up.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode is dedicated to the memory of Mark Patrick Carducci, who worked on several horror movies and wrote the Plan 9 From Outer Space Companion.

    • John Glover is listed as Special Guest Star, as at the time they were filming the pilot they didn't anticipate him becoming a regular.

    • This original pilot episode was filmed considerably before the series was picked up. Thus it is set in New York City (the rest of the episodes are in L.A.), while Rosalyn Stone and Gilbert Jax are played by different actors than the ones who would be cast as the same characters in later episodes.