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  • Cop Kills wife's rapist comes back from hell to kill 113 evil demons escaped from hell to redeem himself for a second chance. Great acting and story line.

    Love this show...makes me want to see more would be great to bring it back now that these type of shows are big hits, this one was way before it's time...If you like Supernatural, Warehouse 13 etc you will like this one...showing on chiller network from time to time. The demons on this show are really cool and their crimes and how they carry them out now that they are free are interesting and creative. If you can catch this show on chiller it is worth the watch, I am hoping they will come out on DVD soon as Chiller has shown only 1-8 and there are 13 total.
  • Brimstone: Smokin' (Sorry-I couldn't resist)

    "Brimstone" was a series with a unique twist and a hell of a cast, pardon the pun. Peter Horton was just great as Ezekial Stone, but John Glover stole the show with his role as Satan. I believe that if there is such a creature-Glover did him justice in his characterization. He was an absolute gem. The writers were especailly good for a horror series also. The one-liners mixed in with the drama were a fantastic mix. It is just such a shame that the show did not last long enough for Stone to catch all 113 of his adversaries. I can just imagine what Glover's Satan would have had to say when, he had to let Stone go.
  • Smart choise.

    I thought this series, as short lived as it was, is a 'gem within a gem'. It was a highly stylized drama/ fantasy flick. Hats off to the cast as they all played their parts well. Too bad audiences didn't take to the shows and "Brimstone" got canceled- I guess audiences don't have taste. Some silly blooper show was put in its place and I was fuming when I found that out.

    Mainstream audiences unfortunately aren't interested in surreal and complex thrillers like "Brimstone". They want something they can understand and identify with which I, as a director, don't care much for unless I'm in the mood to take them by the hand and explain things they can identify.

    Each writer has a sense of style and this can be seen in "Brimstone". There is of course the corny humor in the show which just that- corny. The seriousness of the characters is magnificent and well spun up.

    But, the mainstream audiences didn't go for it. This is why I shoot movies for myself and not them. Like my films, "Brimstone" is an acquired taste and develops a cult following much like "Spike Of Love", "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" or "Gross Total".

    "Brimstone" should have been given a fair chance.

    Tom Millan "Kindred Gem Films Corp 1998".
  • A dark and wonderous show with lots of supernatural elements. Plus the Devil himself!

    Brimstone was simply dark and wonderful. Mystery/drama stories with a recently dead detective, Ezekiel Stone (played by Peter Horton) trying to win his freedom from hell by catching 113 escapees from Hell. Poor Ezekiel's had to spend time in Hell for tracking and killing his former wife's rapist. You see, sin is sin…and in Stone's case, the fates weren't so forgiving. The 113 Stone's been sent after are some of the baddest motha's ever sent to Hell, and lots more experienced at wrongdoing than Stone. But Stone's got to figure out how to live in the world without disclosing his true identity, of course, cannot communicate with or see his wife, and endure unpredictable visits from the snarky Devil who'll send Stone back to Hell if he doesn't succeed at his task. And the wickedly masterful and snappily dressed Devil pulling all Stone's strings: John Glover. 'Nuff said.
  • A good show ahead of it's time.

    Brimstone was SO ahead of it's time. A truely original
    concept indeed. And who wouldn't love John Glover aka
    Lionel Luthor (from Smallville) as the devil?! lol I don't think a more perfect role was made for the guy!
    There was nothing wrong with this show. other than
    enough ppl didn't give it a chance, or perhaps it had
    a bad time slot. I think if this show aired now, it
    would hit. At the very least stand a better chance.
    Still, it's out on dvd I think. Even if it's not yet,
    u can download it online. It's only one season's worth.
    But definately worth checking out!
  • I like the basic idea. not perfect....just ok.

    Brimstone whas a great idea for a show, altough i think the show needed a lott of fine-tuning. I like the main actors and the main consept(very hellblazer'ish). my problem whas the logic of the character(many slow thinkers here). the camera man is very 90's(that includes the ligthning to). but what i hate and what anoyed me above all and just killed the mode whas the music. So many scenes could have worked a lott better just by changing the music(or just turn it off). sometimes it made my groan in agony hearing some synt-elevator music being repeated over and over again. i hope in some years someone like HBO reamakes this in a little more gritty.
  • Brimstone was the story of a cop who was sent to hell for killing the man who raped his wife. Years later he was allowed to return to Earth to return 113 spirits who have escaped from Hell

    Ezekiel Stone was a New York City Police cop whose wife was raped. He found the guy who did it and killed him in an act of revenge Instead of acting through justice he took the law into his own hands (wrath a deadly sin) He was killed on duty two months later and for this he was Stone was sent to Hell when.

    Fifteen years later, a breakout from Hell occurs, and 113 spirits escape. How this happend was never explained since the series was canelsed before a full season was made. The Devil makes a deal with Ezekiel. Ezekiel gets to Earth to track down these 113 escapees, and if he can return all 113 to Hell he will earn a second chance at life on Earth, and therefore, Heaven. Ezekiel wears tattoos representing each of the escapees on his body. As each soul is killed, by destroying their eyes (windows to the soul) their tattoo disappears off him.

    Because both Ezekiel and the escapees are in fact dead and immortal souls, they cannot be killed or injured or even caused pain, except by themselves or by other escapees and they do not bleed. Ezekiel has on the cloths he was killed in, and carries his service issue pistol-which he has no need to load. At the time of death, he had $36.27 in cash, the amount being a reference to the Book of Ezekiel, 36:27: "And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them." Every day, Ezekiel begins with this amount in his pocket to cover the day's expenses. Should he killed, his mission would be considered a failure and he would go back to Hell, and another person would be chosen to return the fugitive souls. The Devil explains that the longer you spend in Hell, the more it becomes a part of you. Some escapees have powers such as the ability to generate extreme heat or electricity.

    Brimstone ran for only half season. Fox canceled the show after just thirteen episodes, Stone having returned only twelve spirits to Hell.
  • Check out the postively riveting main page!

    This show was absolute genius! It was cut down before it's time. Look at all the similarly themed shows out now! This show's only crime was being quicker to come up with a great idea than all the rest. Everything about this show was great! The writing rocked and the casting was totally PERFECT!
  • One of the most original shows to hit television. A shame that it was cancelled before it had a chance to gain the huge ratings that would have made it immortal.

    A show that is sorely missed in the moral vaccuum that tv can sometimes be. Even today, 7 years after it was cancelled, there is a very loyal fanbase who remembers the dry wit that propelled every episode. If there is any show that deserves the Complete Series DVD treatment, this is it. One part suspense, one part supernatural, one part cop show, and one part soul searching. Peter Horton was an excellent choice to play Ezekiel Stone, giving Stone the gritty cop edge, along with the mournful angst of regret that his character needed. John Glover as the Devil, was there ever a more perfect choice in casting?

    This is one series that, even with only 13 episodes, deserves to be seen by every viewer.
  • Or at least put them on DVD.

    Too bad this didn't make it. I loved the premise. Even though it seemed to limit itself with 113 demons needing a spanking, it didn't have to be limited. They could have kept up with one episodes, or storylines stretching as many eps as they wanted.

    I wasn't sure Peter Horton would be a good hero, but he was just fine. Totally worth watching for Teri Polo, for more then just her beauty, and acting skills. Then, there is John Glover as the devil, The Devil! Better casting has not been seen. I remember a scene where Horton is talking to Glover from the bathroom. Glover is sitting on the bed. He picks up a book from the nightstand. Horton is an ex cop, so it is probably a mystery. Opens it, shuffles through, peeks at the bathroom, and rips out the last page. Evil. The scene ends with Horton leaving, and in a very cavalier manner tells the devil, "don't forget to lock up". Glover impishly says "oh you bet". The best part is I just believe Glover locked up and went away. He already ruined his book.

    I hear tell all 13 eps are available from web-worldwide, but I haven't indulged yet, so I can't vouch.
  • A most impressive idea and one that carried a lot of merit... Bring it back or make a DVD only show... Please...

    I think this was a most impressive show, the first 13 episodes carried with them a great deal of promise.

    Ezekial and the Devil made a very interesting duet in a dark humorous way. People who objected to the series clearly didn't watch it as each episode allowed a little more of the plot to be uncovered.

    They say pride comes before a fall and pride definitly covers the way they scripted the Devil. He didn't want to be seen to have failed in his task to keep the damned locked up. His answer was to send a cop who had only committed a sin on a technicality to go back and round them up.

    The ultimate cliffhanger for this series would have been... Would the Devil had let him go free once/if he succeeded.

    My advice to those who slated it, get over it, it was just a series and could have been extremely good.
  • brimstone t.v show about escaped souls running loose on the earth. The devil sends a dead police officer, sent to hell for the murder of a rapist who had attacked and raped his wife, to find these souls and send them back to hell.

    I really cannot understand why this phenomenal t.v. show was ever cancelled.
    It was emotional, energetic, enlightening and personal.
    was a progamme where the viewer could symphasise with some of the souls who had escaped the unholy misery of hell to relive thier lives, and gun for those who came back to destroy the world around them.
    In a time where superheroes are making a comeback to our screens, I wonder why our own superhero, banished to hell for something that im sure, if we had been placed in that situation, would more than likely have done the same thing, has been banished from our screens.
    I saw human nature played out so realistically, that even a athesist would stop and think about god and the devil.
    Fantastic acting and brillantly written scripts should have kept thia amazing progamme on the air for years to come.
    Bring it back to our screens and one other thing....
    When is the movie comming ??
  • Good show that never found much of an audience.

    This is one of my favorite canceled before its time shows (the other being Dead Like Me). It had a lot of potential to be a great show for the type of audience it appealed to.

    The theme of the demons were great. Hearing the backstory and the reasons they went to hell made each episode unique. Ezekial wasn't fighting the same type of monster every time. Each demon had different abilities depending on their crimes, the way they died, and how long they had been in Hell.

    You can tell that many of the people bashing the never didn't watch too much of it. A lot of the problems they have with the show (plot wise) are answered in the episodes. Like why the Devil doesn't just let the demons run amuck, and why he is giving Ezekial another chance.

    The chemistry between the actors that play Ezekial and the Devil is great, and I actually cared about what happened in the story. It's a shame I will never find out. I find myself often thinking of this show and feeling a bit sad that I will never know the outcome.
  • Detective Ezekiel Stone goes to hell for killing his wife's rapist, but is given a chance years later to return to Earth by the Devil. The catch: he must find 112 escaped souls and send them back to hell.

    \'Brimstone\' was one of the better short-lived sci-fi shows, doomed to a poor time slot. Peter Horton was an unusual, but great choice for the lead. A typically grim character (in the sci-fi tradition) who maybe could\'ve used a little more personality, but with a great sarcastic wit. John Glover (an underrated character actor) was the perfect choice for to play the Devil with a wicked sense of humor. I\'ll admit the premise wasn\'t quite original (reminiscient of Spawn actually), but the performances were pretty good for a sci-fi show and the stories had potential to look at the fine line between good and evil and the complications involved in determining who deserves to \"go to Hell.\" The addition of a few peripheral characters rounded out the show nicely and gave the show some much-needed sardonic humour.(Although Glover was pretty funny on the show) Cut off before its time, the show could\'ve been really good if given the time to flourish.
  • Not that impressive but alright just the same.

    I grew interested in checking out "Brimstone" after hearing that the Canadian drama "The Collector" was very similar. I loved "The Collector" so naturally wanted to see the show that people claimed inspired it.

    I downloaded several episodes of "Brimstone", since it's not available on DVD and is not being shown on any American networks.

    I definitely had mixed feelings about this show. The plot was intriguing and the effects were great, but overall the acting didn't seem very natural and in the pilot it tries to establish the backstory and basic plot through dialogue, which doesn't come off well at all, especially in the situations that the dialogue is spoken in.

    Overall "The Collector" is executed much better, even though the effects aren't as great. I'm not that interested in seeing the rest of the short-lived series but I will if I don't have anything else to watch.
  • Touched By The Devil

    This show should've gotten more of a chance than it had, but since it was on Fox, its no surprise they didn't support it, the network that used to carry such groundbreaking risktaking shows like 'Married With Children' and '21 Jumpstreet'.

    But anyway, this was an awesome series because it was essentially a supernatural cop drama, very gritty, very dark, the complete opposite of 'Touched By An Angel'. It was intelligent, smartly written, superbly acted as well. It was the ultimate story of someone seeking redemption, because this was a character that literally went to Hell, and is being given a second chance. Not to mention that John Glover is absolutely exceptional in portraying the Prince of Lies. I actually hope this show comes out on DVD at some point.
  • BRIMSTONE touched on social and religious issues that other shows considered taboo. When BRIMSTONE began dealing with two sides of one god it was cancelled. There is a huge following of the show even now. Please bring it back for those of us that don\'t w

    BRIMSTONE is a wonderful, refreshing and controversial combination of \"a cop show meets Mulder\'s worst nightmare\". Detective Stone must deal with his own inner demons as well as the escapees from Hell while he is trying to cope with an entity that may be as good as it is evil.
  • How comes up with this crap?

    I never understood this?

    I mean the devil being tricked and then letting someone get the damed souls back for him?

    Why not have the devil let them cause chaos.

    Also the Devil promising a damed soul he will let him free for getting them all back.

    The devil is the lord of evil and lies he would never keep that deal!

    The very idea of this series is a JOKE!
  • High concept, great cast, decent plots, wonderful performances. What went wrong?

    Friday has always been a night when you need something to watch and unwind to. Something a little funny, a little serious, and ideally with plenty of action. And if you're a SciFi nut like me, bonus points for SciFi/Fantasy. Brimstone quickly became my ultimate Friday night show.

    The concept was an interesting one: a cop dies and gets sent to Hell, and after burning for 20 years gets a second chance at life. The only catch is that he has to capture 113 (or was it 119?) of the most dangerous souls in Hell, who have conveniently escaped. Just what kind of Mickey Mouse operation is Lucifer running down there anyway? Far be it from Ezekiel Stone to ask; just take the deal and hope you're good enough.

    So with a significant resistance to fire, a gun that never seems to run out of bullets and a daily allowance of $27.36 (since that's what he had on him when he died) Zeke Stone sets off to do his job, armed with the knowledge that only losing his eyes will send him back to Hell. Of course, the same is true for all the souls he has to capture, and they all seem to have supernatural Hellpowers too. The Devil never said it would be easy.

    One of the most interesting features of the show was the presense of the Devil as a regular cast member. Brilliantly portrayed by John Glover, the Devil -- the villain of all villains -- comes off as oddly likable, even sometimes a character you can emphasize with, and always amusing. Half the appeal of the show for me was finding out how the Devil would appear in that episode, and what amusing and/or interesting things he would say. And while Peter Horton's performance was by no means sub-par -- very good in fact -- most of the time John Glover stole the show, at least as long as he was on screen.

    Why then was it cancelled? I suspect it was yet another show that Fox simply didn't understand. And for the content, it would have been a better fit on SciFi than on Fox. Had SciFi picked it up I think they would have had a hit on their hands. As it is I can only watch it in reruns (coincidentally on SciFi) and vainly hope that what bit of the second season was shot will come out, eventually.