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Bringing Home Baby

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There's nothing quite like walking out of the hospital with your first child, putting your newborn in the car for the first time, driving home, and walking through the door with your new family member. Now what? Bringing Home Baby is a new show that focuses on those first few incredible days at home. It's time to learn how to hold babies, feed them, burp them, diaper them, swaddle them, calm them down, trim their fingernails… and try to get some well-deserved rest. The first few days at home for rookie parents are a jumble of emotions. They experience everything from joy, excitement, love and happiness, to fear, uncertainty and insecurity. No matter how prepared you think you are, you still don't really know what you're in for, and you have no idea how tired you can possibly get! TLC's series "Bringing Home Baby" focuses on those first 36 hours at home with your new baby. Sure, a newborn does only a few things: eat, sleep, cry and go through diapers. But each of those activities presents its own set of challenges for new parents. Plus, there seems to be an endless list of skills to master for a newborn: you've got to learn how to hold them, feed them, burp them, diaper them, swaddle them, calm them down, trim their fingernails and get them to sleep. Meanwhile, a new mom has her own health to think about as well. Sometimes friends and family are there to lend a hand and help the newbie parents learn the ropes. But having friends and family involved can complicate even non-stressful situations. What happens when Dad changes his first diaper - with his mother-in-law hovering over his shoulder? What about that entire extended family that wants to show up and celebrate? What if the dogs can't adapt to the newest addition? That's right. It's part bundle of joy/part bundle of nerves when you're Bringing Home Baby!moreless

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