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    By far, the best in my opinion. Hilarity through those who think they have talent when they don't, and those who do are absolutely incredible! The hosts and judges of the past couple of years have been amazing. Overall great show! The only reason why I took 0.5 is because sometimes crap people get the place in live semi's over talented people for an entertainment reason.
  • Britain's got talent is a show when British people perform to win the prize of performing in front of the queen.

    Britain's got talent is a show when British people perform to win the prize of performing in front of the queen. There is good and there is bad but overall it makes a funny and an excellent talented I may say show.
    There are 3 judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. The runners up this year were a saxophone player and a singer named Susan Boyle and the winner who got to perform in front of the queen on the royal variety show was a dance group from Essex called Diversity. They were fantastic they were very unique. Email me at for more information.
  • Alot better than X factor!

    I started watching Britain's got talent in it's second season a lot of my family members and friends reccomended the show to me so I thought I would give it a chance. After watching a few weeks of the auditions I fell in love with the show. At first I thought it was just going to be like the X factor which I began to hate after a few seasons. I found some of the auditions very funny and some amazing. After the silly acts were eliminated and the semi-finals started with the more serious acts I still found the show good and watched up right up to the finals. After the second season finished I watched the third season which lived up to my expectations. I cannot wait to watch the fourth season.
  • Definately superior to the X Factor

    This show is very entertaining. Its positivly hillarious... watching people make complete fools of themselves in front of a large audience. And it has Ant and Dec... what's not to love about them two? Unfortunately, it has Cowell as well... heck its his tv show after all. Don't get me first I thought he was brilliant but his shows are fast becoming a joke. And that is the case for BGT.
    I mean its called Britain's Got Talent. Where's the talent?? Again this year people where put through just to be laughed at or because they would give more votes and therefore more money to a very greedy Cowell. Most of the weekly live shows are ridiculous... how the hell these guys got that far I don't know! Of course there are the subline perfomers like Susan Boyle and Diversity but otherwise its pathetic. So... a good show but very much a farce. Still much better than the X Factor though.
  • britains got talent show

    britains got talent is overall a great show,which is fun to watch as their are some very amazing acts while some are just plain stupid which makes it very funny to watch,sometimes the show seems staged by letting people win who the public disagree with considering that it's the public who has the final vote/say or by letting 2009 contestant siging ballerina hollie perform again after the rules state that no contestant will be given second chances,the show is a good one to watch if you want to have a little laugh with you friends on a saturday night,every season the shows winner gets a chance to perform at the yearly royal variety show.
  • Simon's creepy wink has me hooked.

    I am addicted to this show! Unfortunately, I came a little late to it, so I'm only halfway through - but it could not be more captivating. While most reality programming leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth and a general lack of faith in fellow mankind, this is one show that has the opposite effect. I feel positively bubbly after an episode!
    Add to that the fact that the shows producers have figured out that no one wants to watch hours of uncut auditions, cutting them together in short, snappy montages, and the creative use of additional music... it's really just beautifully done.
    As for Simon Cowell, while it's easy to hate him, it's also easy to agree with him. The man does know what he's talking about - and he's usually right. I'm still battling to get around his 'mister congeniality' act though... you know... when he's just put a super-talented child-prodigy through the auditions and he gives them his friendly-uncle-wink. However, disturbing as it may be, I live to see it.
  • and the winner is........

    Simon was right!! They were the only act that deserved a 10 out of 10!! A lot of people will be upset tat susan didn win!! but honestly a backlash was expected.. she perfomed once and was in the spotlight for 7 weeks before her semi final.. it was only a matter of time before the british public got sick of her and started to look at the other acts!! and YAY they did.. I cudn vote cuz i live in ireland but if i had a vote it would have most def have been for diversity!! They were just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

    Honourable mention to STAVROS FLATLEY!! Who were just hilarious!! mayb if ireland cud vote they wud have made the top 3.. id watch them over the real riverdance ANY day!!

    Well anyway!! the right people won!! YAY DIVERSITY!
  • Good sometimes but seems liked its fixed!

    This is one show that i can enjoy watching as it is funny to see some people make complete and utter fools of themselves. However when it comes to those who really have got talent that make it through to the final it always seems like the voting it completly fixed and makes it hard to enjoy the show at this point. It is very rare that ive seen someone win who really deserved to win. i wish there was more proof that people were actually ringing in and their votes were gettin through then maybe id be able to sit and watch the show as i tend to end up turning it off!
  • Wow, i love this show!

    Simon hit the right note with this show! Me and my mates love talking about all of the wannabe's and funny acts. Half of them are alright, the other half should never be let out of the house but its mostly a funny show to watch. All of the judges have a different taste so each of the acts have a chance of getting chosen. Amanda goes for ANYTHING cute, Piers likes the dance/funny acts and Simon's just a saddd git. (megan's words not mine)Stolen off of the American show, but still has a uniqueness that makes all of my school like it,
  • Good, old fashioned, variety for Saturday night TV with the change to perform at the royal variety performance!

    I remember when Saturday night TV was famous for entertainment and variety. The family could sit down and enjoy watching comedians, singers and magicians in what I call, "feel good" TV.

    This programme brings all this back with a bang but takes it a stage further with "anything goes" motto. Any age, any act, can perform in front of the Judges with a live audience to cheer and boo along the way.Ant and Dec host the show while Simon Cowel, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan can press the buzzer when they have had enough of the acts. If the performers receive 3 buzzers, they have to stop. Some of the acts are hilariously funny without intending to be but this programme has uncovered some genuine talent, that wouldn't otherwise have had the opportunity to perform to a wider audience.

    After the auditions rounds, there are live semi finals with the general public voting for their favorites and the top 2 of each semi final going into the live final. As well as the winner receiving a cash prize, they will also be asked to perform at the Royal Variety Performance.
  • A talent show in which the 3 judges,Simon Cowell,Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden travel around Britain to search for a talent good enough to perform in front of the Queen in the Royal Variety Performance.

    I do like this show and think it is unique from other talent shows in the way the contestants can be recognized for their talent no matter how bizzarre or unique it is.
    I love the fact that theres no limit to what people can do and the way they can be appreciated for whatever talent they have.Since it is a talent search there is always the quality entertainment of painfully terrible auditions and then there is the truly spectacular few people who have a genuinely amazing talent which they want to share with the world in the hope of being chosen to perform in front of the Queen.There is a high standard set since the winner of the first series,Paul Potts.His talent made Simon determined to find a similarly brilliant talent to perform for the Queen.
  • Britains Got Talent!!

    Time for Britains shine. I am not Britain, but I have seen the show and the auditions and the finale. I think this show is great the way it is, and if good ratings maybe goes up top for a Season 2. But I feel like one season is okay, like Paul Potts is the Britain.. Who got Talent! And real exciting, funny, crying, sadness, some bad times, and some good times, and a great season finale. This show gets 8.0, but not my highest rate. Keep up the good work BGT (Britains Got Talent) and hope you get high rates.
  • this is a reveiw on the 24 people they put through.

    what the hell are the blind judges thinking putting that stupid blonde lady who thinks she can do "hip-hop" dancing in the top 24 !!! i thought this show was really good! and i really liked the people who got through! but for god sake there were soo many people who where not in the top 24 who should have been! like that little lad in the red jumper who was such a good break dancer!! he was amazing!!!
    the trampoline man was fantastic! i've NEVER seen anything like that before! he wasn't just a trampolineist but a great actor aswell!! and i honestly felt so proud of him for doing so well!!!! also the football juggler! he was great and may i say gorgeous!!! but for Gods sake the blonde warty lady?? i could do better at flying an aeroplne blind-folded than that stupid woman could dance!
    and the transexuals!!!1 kitty kat or something original like that!! original being sarcastic by the way!!! yes they were entertaining! entertaining because of how bad and weird they were!!!
    The show has gone right down in my books because of who they put in and put out!! i just hope i'm not the only one who can see that the judges only did this to make it easier for themselves later on!
  • Tiny 6 year old Connie stole the show with her beautiful voice and perfect pitch. Her voice is so clear it tugs at your heart and brings tears to your eyes. Finally- after years of talent search shows- Real talent has been found.

    After years of watching numerous talent search shows- only to be disappointed with average talent- I began to wonder if we'd ever hear another voice like Whitney Huston's in her prime. How could there be only one person who could sing like that? yet no others have been found.

    Along comes this little 6 year old girl.
    She blew everyone's mind! Even Simon thought she was FANTASTIC. She blew the judges away!

    She blew me away.

    I saw the clip on youtube and replayed it like 15 times.

    If all this show produces is this one incredible little girl- then they have done what they set out to do-
    Discover the best of the best. Connie has raised the bar-
    What a great way to start off the season. Connie- You are the worlds next Super Star. (Lord- keep this little angel safe!)

    Its a proud moment for the shows producers!