Britain's Got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice

Sunday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Oct 11, 2008 Between Seasons


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Britain's Got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice

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Peter Kay returns to channel 4 with a satirical look at reality TV talent programmes. The show is the first original work for British television that Peter Kay has written and starred in for four years, and promises to be a joyous celebration of contemporary reality talent shows. It's set to air alongside a documentary fronted by the comedian, called Raider of the Pop Charts, which will feature his success in the music and video industry.

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AIRED ON 12/19/2008

Season 1 : Episode 3

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  • Marmite - it seems you love it or hate it! Strange then that I loved this and hate marmite...

    I sat in the staff room talking with my colleagues about this programme and it seemed like a love it/hate it experience. For those of us who loved it, it seemed we shared the fact that we'd been forced to watch this programmes with spouses/siblings/friends and that we couldn't stand them! Peter Kay's mocking of the genre then suited well. There were lots of subtle jokes here - from the opening "the lines are open, the result has been fixed" to "that's the best I've heard in twenty years" being told to every person who sang!

    Maybe one of the best moments was Geraldine's musical medley - I've been turning Nelson Mandela into Umbrella all week - though there were many other stand out moments: Cat Dealy going "blue" with her language, Paul McCartney singing the Home and Away theme tune, and DrFox talking complete and utter metaphorical rubbish!

    It was a really strong one off programme that I'm so glad I saw :)moreless
  • Very amusing.

    This show followed the same basic format of the X Factor and even went as far as having real ex judges of reality talent shows Niki Chapman, Pete Waterman and Dr Fox, had I'd just flicked the channel over not knowing it was on I've no doubt that I'd have been fooled for a while at least into believing it was a genuine show. The whole thing was basically of p*** take of every reality show that has been on British TV in recent times with special emphasis on the X Factor and it was very funny because it was so close to the truth. The show was a one off episode I believe and was posed as of the final of a show called Britain's got the Pop Factor (an amalgamation of Britain's got Talent and The X Factor and likely Pop Idol) The add on to give the show its full title was: And Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice (I remembered that by heart! lol) and the full title was quoted every time by host Kat Deely (a real presenter) The finalists in the show were R Wayne - a simple Northern Lad with a huge toothy grin, 2 Up 2 down - two husbands and their wives the wives being in wheelchairs ... I know.... and Geraldine a Northern Irish male to female transsexual played by Peter Kay himself. They were so close to the what the real contestants of these shows are like yet unbelievable at the same time it was hilarious. The contestants did a medley of songs as their last attempt to win the competition which were inappropriate and very inane, Geraldine for example sang Free Nelson Mandela and this sequed straight into Umbrella by her of the big forehead. The sob story aspect of reality shows was exposed in this parody when R Wayne was given a second chance by the judges because his nan died of a heart attack when he told her he didn't make it.

    But By far the funniest bit of this show was when Geraldine's "best bits" were shown and one of her "previous" songs was "Feel It" by Tamperer feat. Maya with that infamous and inexplicable line "What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?" at this point Geraldine's backing dancers could be seen prancing around with chimney costumes on behind her. It doesn't sound much but I was eating my dinner at the time, noodles as it happens, and the whole lot was coming back out of my mouth because I was laughing so hard. Geraldine even sung that bit when the vocal slows down electronically! I haven't cracked up that much in a long time I can tell you.moreless