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  • Borig and how did that creep get on television?

    First, let me admit that I'm a fan of America's Next Top Model. I've never seen the British version and unable to get enough of ANTM, I gave this a try when I saw it in the TV guide.

    The girls are the same on both shows in that they're hopeful and eager. I was disappointed to NOT see any of the underdogs I've come to so love about ANTM. Aside from that, the judges are just boring pretentious people. I've seen dead people who are more lively.

    Now I was only watching the selection process and I suppose I was hoping for that American dose of that all too candy coated "you can do it too!" you see on ANTM. Where a model is told to that ever girl isn't perfect and you have to learn your angles, blah, blah, blah. If you watch ANTM you know what I'm talking about. It's inspiring.

    What's not inspiring is watching three pampas judges say to half the girls they don't like "Let us count the ways you suck." Tyson came to the rescue of a few girls and he might actually pop on camera with another cast. Any other cast. As it stands the trio of British judges include the washed up waitress -- or whatever her job was. They mentioned what she's famous for but I didn't like her enough to remember. Then there's Shortie, the creep. You often hear people talk about the "squee girls." (The tweens Disney creates psuedo pop stars for. It was probably an inevitable reinvention of the mousketeers. But I digress. )

    Well, Shortie is a squee man. "Let me join you girls, ha, ha." As he throws himself into a picture. His hole demeanor screams "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm touching supper hot chicks. I bumped her breast on purpose but made it look like an accident. I'm so smart squee. I'm going to have sex with one of this girls, just as soon as I can figure out which one is the weakest. Squeeeeeeeee."

    Too bad he doesn't emote half as much when he's actually discussing modeling potential. Oh, wait, there was that one model. He stood up and rubbed her flat stomach, ran his hand down toward her crotch, and then rubbed her butt. The Brits laughed. Tyson just looked seriously uncomfortable.

    If there's anything good to say about Squee Shorty, is that I at least remember him because I think there was a third British judge. But I'm not sure.

    On the plus side, this show is devoid of Tyra's crazy. (Honestly, even for a fan, sometimes ATMN seems schizophrenic.) I'm not sure why less crazy equates to a cure for insomnia. So, in summation. Watch the show if you can sleep and you want to watch Squee Shorty find creative ways to grope the girls.
  • lowest common denominator


    This isn't my usual sort site. I don't like commercial TV, but having caught 10 mins of a previous episode of BNTM on a barrel-bottom scrape of a channel hop, tuned in to watch the final BNTM to see whether the faceless denizens of TV land could choose the right face for Britain. Or at least for this show.

    Was horribly fascinated watching the graceless and bandy-legged Alisha stumping down the final catwalk without fear of stress fractures. Endured the obnoxious male judge screaming his 'praise'. Waited for public acknowledgement of the extreme beauty of almost the most extraordinary looking person I have ever seen, the incandescent Joy.

    Unfortunately the masses chose the most regular, featureless features on offer. But it wasTiffany'scool personality that clinched it. Nobody as vulnerable and eccentric as Joy could possibly be permitted to transcend. I noticed the screamer didn't like her much- his praises of joy were toned down to a common lookatme blare. Incredible how reliably the ESF/TJ LCD shun the amazing and choose the ordinary.

    World, 1,000,000,000,000/truth, beauty nil

  • Judges and Presenters are a bit naff and what a surprise to see glimpses of the real Elle McPherson. What a poor and hypocritical example she sets for these girls.


    The show is quite entertaining and some of the challenges, whilst bordering on cruel, make good TV. The girls are a good mix of classic and quirky looks and the dynamics work well to have some spikey friction between them.

    The judges make some calucalated catty comments which are good for ratings and shock value but don't really offer anything constructive. I suppose it is difficult to be constructive when the premise of the show is all abouthow good looking or photogenic someone is.

    Elle McPherson should stick to photographic modelling. Every time that poor woman triesacting,does any kind oflive presenting oropens her mouth (even when it is scripted) she sounds trite,insincere, self absorbed andarrogant. No amount of coaching or training will fix that, she's too one dimensional but should take a leaf out ofSarah Murdoch's book when coaching and mentoring these young girls. Sarahis fabulous in Australia's next top model as she comes across as genuinely interested in the girls and provides some marvellous advice.

  • British style of this show is to understand the model close up. The American version is a Tyra ego fest.

    The American version seems so sickly and a Tyra ego fest-you really don't get a feel for the models (although Make Me a Supermodel is more real and feels more like a British-style show). Some Americans have a hard time with less choreographed shows that reveal a few more warts. British shows in this genre at least get you to understand the characters for what they are. Also, with the British version, as it is with the American version, it is all about the host's brand equity. Snowdon is well-known in the UK and her less giddy and dry approach is what Brits prefer. It just isn't Disney.
  • Maybe in the UK things must be a bit dry. In America, this version seems quite \"B\" movie in comparison to America\'s Next top Model. There are a couple of factors missing....

    1. There is no Tyra, who comes across as a mom, who wants all of her girls to succeed. She has the persona of routing for them, and is a character. The chick running this show has no personality!
    2. The judges have no personality. You could care less what they think.
    3. The video and set designs are very low budget looking. It looks like a show that is being tested on local open access tv, not a network. If you want to air more then a quick overview episode of the entire season on America TV, the show needs to be taken up a notch.

    Good luck!
  • I think BNTM is ok but could be alot better, the make overs are drab when ANTM can top UK in a makeover of black and asian girls.. it is a sorry day. BNTM step it up your lagging behind big time!

    I think BNTM is ok but could be alot better, the make overs are drab when ANTM can top UK in a makeover of black and asian girls.. it is a sorry day. BNTM step it up your lagging behind big time!

    BNTM lacks something not sure what it is but it needs to step it up and do your home work re black hair and makeup!! your supposed to be in the fashion industry!

    The drama is good but it seems BNTM is grasping a straws for some of their models, there supposed to be showing an intrest in fashion and the industry but some of them look like they just rolled out of bed!
  • Blahhh.

    Britain's Next Top Model happened to be on one day so I thought it'd be cool to watch it, since I've never seen it before. Man, that was a huge mistake. The show sucks, a lot! The host/judge Lisa, has no personality what's so ever. Actually, none of the judges have personality and they eliminate girls because they have "no personality". What the hell? Neither do you! In some episodes they don't even tell the girls why they are in the bottom two. Ok, how do you expect them to improve, if you don't tell them why they are in the bottom two? They're not going to. I hate this show, and I'm never going to watch it ever again.