Britain's Next Top Model

Monday 9:00 PM on Living Premiered Sep 14, 2005 In Season





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  • Judges and Presenters are a bit naff and what a surprise to see glimpses of the real Elle McPherson. What a poor and hypocritical example she sets for these girls.


    The show is quite entertaining and some of the challenges, whilst bordering on cruel, make good TV. The girls are a good mix of classic and quirky looks and the dynamics work well to have some spikey friction between them.

    The judges make some calucalated catty comments which are good for ratings and shock value but don't really offer anything constructive. I suppose it is difficult to be constructive when the premise of the show is all abouthow good looking or photogenic someone is.

    Elle McPherson should stick to photographic modelling. Every time that poor woman triesacting,does any kind oflive presenting oropens her mouth (even when it is scripted) she sounds trite,insincere, self absorbed andarrogant. No amount of coaching or training will fix that, she's too one dimensional but should take a leaf out ofSarah Murdoch's book when coaching and mentoring these young girls. Sarahis fabulous in Australia's next top model as she comes across as genuinely interested in the girls and provides some marvellous advice.