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Britannia High

Sunday 7:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 26, 2008 Between Seasons


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Britannia High

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Britannia High is a new drama from ITV. It follows the journey of six young students at the fictional Britannia High School of Perfoming Arts as they try to develop their skills and also find themselves, in order to make their mark on the world.

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AIRED ON 12/21/2008

Season 1 : Episode 9


    ITV shutters Britannia High

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    • My shameful secret...I LOVE this show!

      I'm a 37 year old man. Why oh why do I let myself get sucked in by this sort of show? Shouldn't I have moved on by now?

      The fact is, I got into Britannia High because Gary was always my favourite in Take That, and when I heard he was 'musical director' of a new TV show I thought I had at least check it out.

      Well now I'm addicted!

      Britannia High is Fame meets Grange Hill, although it's a bit more High School Musical and a little less 90210. Okay, so it's a little derivative. But it's jam packed with fabulous, talented tweens all from different walks of life, all with the same simple dream; to be a star. Admit it, you love it!

      The music is fantastic, and it's not all Gary. Take That team-mate Mark Owen has a track or two to offer, as do legendary pop heavyweights such as Stephen Lipson and Nigel Kennedy. Each episode focuses on a different character and the music and storyline is shaped specifically to that person, which is a device that works wonderfully for a show like this.

      There's a love triangle, a school scandal, gays and gangs - something for everyone! And it's all set to a catchy beat. What more could you ask for?

      If you haven't already, set your uTorrent to download, cos this is an unmissable guilty pleasure.moreless
    • danny...

      personally, i think that britannia high is absolutely amazing and it is really popular in my school. i think it is aimed at teens and i dont think that adults would enjoy it. danny is the fav character i think because he is soo good-looking. however, i dont think the show would be what it is without mitch hewer - he just about makes it and i know girls who watch the show just because he is in it. the story lines are really strong and it is also belivable and witty, which makes it even better. mitch hewer rocks xmoreless
    • The story is about 6 high school students in a performing arts high school. Each episode focuses on a character and there is about 3 songs in each episode seeing as the series is a musical.moreless

      I think this show is really good. Even though it's similar to High School Musical, it's 100 times better. The stopping-and-singing thing makes more sense because they go to a performing arts school. Also I like how each episode focuses on one character, it's pretty unique. The songs are also very good and very fun. Like Start of Something, and Confessions, and Wake Up just to name a few. I hope this show goes far. The dancing is incredible too and I like how the characters, even though they are very different, they manage to be a perfect match for each other and I couldn't think of any better characters to put into the show.moreless