Britannia High

Sunday 7:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 26, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Finale
      Episode 9
      The musical arrives and Danny must make a decision: Lauren or Claudine! However, Lauren's career in the theatre may be cut short if she does have MS. Meanwhile, there is further drama when Stefan, Lola's love, returns to BH.
    • With A Little Help From My Friends
      Ronnie wants to be in the end-of-year musical, but she is a terrible singer. Can Jez tell her the truth, or is it too hard as it looks like she's running away already? Meanwhile, Lauren may have multiple sclerosis, Claudine has finally found happiness in her life with Danny and Danny reveals that he loves both Lauren and Claudine.moreless
    • Don't Stand So Close To Me
      Lola pretends to be in a relationship with someone who risks losing his job in the process.
    • Miss Independent
      Miss Independent
      Episode 6
      Claudine is in love with Danny and hatches a plot to break him and Lauren up. Meanwhile, Lola thinks she has seen a ghost and Jez and Ronnie play a prank with Ronnie dressed up as the ghost. Claudine and the rest of the gang are also involved and Lauren and Danny confront Claudine about her plans. Claudine is upset and storms off, after insulting both BB and Lola. Danny follows, aware that she is upset. Claudine confides in him everything in her life, before admitting her love. Danny kisses her, unaware that Lauren can see them both.moreless
    • Go Your Own Way
      Go Your Own Way
      Episode 5
      BB's older brother, Julius, arrives at BH and BB is desperate to impress him. He is suddenly part of a big gang, holding guns. There is an offer of a shop raid. Will BB go for it, for his brother?
    • Fame
      Episode 4
      Lola meets Matt Willis and kisses him. Suddenly, the press want her to make a statement and she pretends that she is going out with him. The entire situation escalates and she is quickly leaving Britannia High for fame and fortune that isn't really there. Will BH let her back in?moreless
    • Who Are You?
      Who Are You?
      Episode 3
      At Jez's surprise birthday party his friends discover that he has been hiding things from everyone and may end up losing everything when his father becomes involved at school.
    • Behind The Mask
      Behind The Mask
      Episode 2
      Danny, Lauren and Claudine have all been nominated for first year rep which also provides an opportunity to interview two of the members of Girl's aloud. Also everyone begins to worry about Danny's complete avoidance of doing any of his theory work which could get him kicked out of Britannia Highmoreless
    • Let's Dance
      Let's Dance
      Episode 1
      As the new students arrive for the New Year at Britannia High, ready to chase their dreams. As the first years go through induction, they all introduce themselves and tell everyone what their aspirations in life are. Claudine is slightly annoyed to find out that Lauren never had to audition to get a place at the school because, Mr Nugent hand picked her to join, and everyone else isn't too pleased either as they feel they deserve it more because, they had to work hard for it. It's open-mic night for all first year's and they all show off their talents, while watching everyone else perform Lauren gets self-conscious and starts to feel insecure around the other students. During, dance class it's clear that Lauren is struggling so she puts herself onto a strict fitness regime in order to match up to the rest so, she ends up juggling a part-time job with he studies and dance training. All of the students are informed of the first assessed showcase of the year and are all paired off, but not before being shown the routine they'll be performing that included a daring lift, even more pressure is put on them when they're told that they have to pass the assessment and future assessments to stay in the school. Danny's taken a shine to Lauren and is happy to be paired with her; and they go out for a night in London and experience an awkward moment. Jez and BB audition for the new school radio DJ position, but end up making a great duo on air. Lauren gets her chance to show what she's made of when it's her turn to record in the studio, and afterwards Claudine feel's out of place with all of the attention Lauren's getting. The night of the showcase arrives and Lauren is feeling extremely nervous feeling that she won't be able to master the lift and will ruin it for the rest of the group but, Danny encourages her all the way. And, when the time comes for them all to perform the routine Lauren amazes everyone and herself when she successfully accomplishes the lift but, has she pushed herself too far as, when they get off the stage she collapses with exhaustion. While, recovering Mr Nugent tells her that she doesn't have to push herself to much because, she has the potential to be a great performer if only she believed more in herself. Feeling, guilty Claudine start's to think that she's been too harsh, and apologises when Lauren come back to join them. Not wanting the fun of the night to end they all head up to the roof for a part but, before the all get up their Danny and Lauren share a kiss.moreless