British Academy of Film and Television Awards

Season 2 Episode 62

62nd British Academy Television Awards

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2009 on BBC

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  • A couple of surprises but otherwise fairly dull and not well presented by Graham Norton.

    I'd been looking forward to this for ages - after all, it is the most important, prestigious, star-studded (etc etc) Tv awards show in Britain, and had done a nice build up with voting and coverage.

    However, there wasn't much excitement once things got going. Most of Norton's jokes in the opening twenty minutes fell flat on their face, met with an unamused silence in the auditorium (and in my living room). Perhaps they should have allowed the audience to get a bit more sozzled before proceedings began (I wish I had been).

    Things looked up when Ken Branagh collected the first award - a brief and intelligent thank you speech, delivered well. And so things tumbled along until the award for best sports coverage. Thw winnders, ITV for F1 Brazil, didn't have a speech because they had assumed the Olympics coverage would win. Didn't we all? Even the presenter expressed surprise before reading out the name of the winner. Perhaps the judges chose to upset the apple cart here as it wasn't upset anywhere else. Attenborough's last TV series gets a BAFTA - tick. French & Saunders - tick. Harry Hill? Again? Blimey.

    Glad that David Mitchell got one, though mystified it wasn't shared with comedy partner Webb.

    Overall, I was a bit bored by the end of it, but the qulaity of thank you speeches has definitely gone up this year.
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