Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

Season 1 Episode 1

Can You Handle My Truth

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM May 17, 2005 on UPN



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    • Britney makes references to Eminem and Pink in this episode. She says that Eminem is "a genius, but he complains alot." She is also seen singing to "My Band."
      Britney also says that Pink is "cool" and sings to "Trouble."

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    • This episode gave UPN the best ratings for the hour timeslot since fourteen months before it aired.

    • This episode is featured on the DVD release of the show Britney and Kevin: Chaotic... The DVD & More.

    • This was a special one-hour premiere.

    • Britney's mom, Lynne Spears was shocked when Britney was talking about sex on the show, she thought she was setting a bad example for her little sister, Jamie Lynne Spears

    • On May 16, 2005, The Insider offered a "sneak peak" of this episode, which aired a day before of the premiere.

    • The New York Post rated this episode three out of four stars.

    • At one point, Britney drives while listening to the Peggy Lee song "Is That All There Is?".

    • The theme song to this show is "Chaotic," a song initially planned to be on her 2003 LP "In the Zone." There are rumors that it was cut due to it's similar sound to "Toxic."

    • Despite popular belief, a short preview of a shower clip of Kevin as seen on Entertainment Tonight that was thought to show Kevin naked, the clip featured nothing from the waist down.

    • In the scene where Britney analyzes the painting, many fans and critics interpreted the scene in different ways. Some say the woman on top of the world was Britney and the man was Justin, being a reference to their break-up. Others say it was Britney and Kevin and her fear of what might happen.
      Oddly enough, she never clarified.

    • This episode shocked many fans because of Britney's repetitive sex talk. In the beginning, she asked her dancers "what their favorite sex position" was. She also mentions that she and Kevin had sex three times in one day and how good it was.

    • Clips from Britney's Onyx Hotel Tour were featured throughout the show. Clips of "Toxic" and "I'm a Slave 4 U" from the concert were shown.

    • In this episode, we learn that Kevin and Britney met at a club in Los Angelos and, five days later, he came with her on tour. Ironically, both didn't "believe" in marriage (as they said in this episode), but ended up getting married later that year.

    • This episode was filmed in May 2004, although airing a year since Kevin met and married Britney.

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