WHOO-HOO Brit isnt with k-fed anymore!!! hmmm is that a good thing?

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    we could all see on britney and kevin chaotic that they obviously loved each other hmmm??? was that the case??? if u read the typical womens mag's (every week well maybe on that certian week) the bad things k-fed said about brit like how shes a fked up b*tch and how she is, (yes its true well wat he said but i recon shes kool) WOW they even have teams i mean for petes sake its all aload of crap... fkn paparatsies LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!! GOD DAMNIT! shes a typical famous person who wants to get on with her life its not fair! anywayz to brit kevin chaotic it was abit tacky the filming and stuff but it was still HILARIOUS! i kinda reckon that k-fed and brit did luv eachother loads but i had my doubts LOL (yes i am a girl if ur wondering and no im not a tomb boy i luv my clothes mmm skinny jeans and shopping all that typical stuff LOL random much) anywayz im owt bye 4 now

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