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  • Feauturing the one and only Mrs Britney Spears, And her former husband Kevin Federline Most prefered to (or known as) K-fed.

    This show is HILARIOUS! the camera shots are abit tacky like the video footage. But Briney and Kevin together are VERY entertaining... it's really cool you get to see like EVERYTHING about her you even get to see her wedding to K-Fed, her hit song "someday" and i think "gimme more" i luv them songs and also "why dont you do something" im pretty sure. it's really funny on one of the episodes she was crossing the border when she was on tour with Kevin and these guys were inspecting her van and shes like " there terrorists and there gonna kill us" ETC soo funny... also when they were on a plane the plane was making funny noises and she was freaking out cause she thought it was going to crash and she held onto Kevin's hand and her assistant Felicia's hand and Felicia was laughing and shes like shutup or im gonna break ya wrist LOL she was nearly crying! plus heaps more funnier stuff than that. if you like Britney and Kevin this is definetely a show i reccomend =)
  • Kevin wears an under shirt to his own wedding. He actually opens the door wearing a wife-beater and greets the guests.

    Watch Britney's Father in horror to find out he's arrived at his daughter's wedding. SURPRISE! Kevin Federline greets his wedding guests wearing an under-shirt (wife beater) and a backwards baseball cap. Truly funny stuff. Moments of this wedding are actually charming even though you KNOW you're watching a train wreck. Who would have known the public's opinion of K-Fed would change so drastically in just a matter of years. This series was barely watched, but worth a viewing. Some episodes are filled with nothing but nonsense talking and the camera work is very shaky. Almost too shaky to watch without dizziness.
  • I like that the show is real but I wish they would just do a real reality show because the actule camera just kept shaking and sometimes game me a headach to watch!

    Even though I feel like the quality of the show would most likley be the same I just wish they would have done something with proffesional cameras and proffesional sound. I guess its ok that everyone gets to see the real Britney and Kevin but I watch "The Girls Next Door" and "House of Carters" and you can totally tell the editing is done and you can hear and its just way better than seeing these home videos of Birtney! I love her to death and I want to see the real side of her but I would rather see her without Kevin and without his "filming skills". So just incase people are not getting the whole point of this I am sayign I wish Britney would have shelled out a few more bucks to have this taped by a real network and get rid of the home videos!
  • WOW! I just found out this thing existed thanks to E!

    I had never head of it until I saw it as the #1 OOPS! on one of those E! specials.

    From what Ive read and seen of this show it actually is a foreshadowing of Britney Spears crackup in 2007 when she shaved her head and went into rehab. Asking her roadies what love making positions they prefer? Ugh.........

    People like Spears, Lohan, and dozens of other young celebrities show that America is going freaking nuts! People actually worship these crack pots like gods. And the sad part is they will continue to be rich and famous. If any regular person did what these people do, they would be in jail for years and their life ruined and probably end up on skid row or in a gutter begging for change for their next fix or bottle of booze.

    Its really quite ironic that K-Fed now looks like the sane one where as Britney is a few trailers shy of a trailer park.
  • To fans a great show.. to everyone else.. what the heck is this?

    Despite the very 'Blair Witch' camara shooting, this show wasn't all that bad. But that is to me, who owns every Britney CD, seen her in concert twice, and even performed two of her dance routines at my high school talent show. To those that are not as big of fans as myself, this show is seen as absolutely awful. But those that aren't interested aren't going to care are they? Personally, I thought Britney sunk to a new low when she married this disgusting man, but i'm glad to see her moving on and hopfully will find a good one. This series only hurt her career but hopefully now that this series is over AND she left idiot behind.. things will begin to look up for our Britney :o)
  • LMFAO... This show is a complete waste of time.

    I don't think Britney Spears is beautiful anymore. I think she doesn't have talent anymore. She used to have good music but now she sucks. She looks like a bad mother. Whenever I observe her, her skin doesn't look good, like she has STDs or she smells. Now this abysmal show proves that she really is nasty. I don't even want to take anything from the show to prove this fact. What is the point of this show? What message is she trying to send? This show doesn't teach anything but to prove that Britney is really nasty. Her "home video" is not even interesting to watch. Her private life is like having a no life. This show is a complete waste of time.
  • Britney and Kevin:Chaotic!! Greatest show on earth!

    I love this show. Britney kicks butt!!When I fist heard that this show was coming out, I was so excited. I bought the DVD! I thought the show was so cool. I don\'t like Kevin Federline though. I think he is so ugly. Britney, get rid of k-Fed and find someone who isn\'t going to mooch off of you.
  • What kind of crap is this?

    Britney and Kevin make home movies for their wedding, and decided to sell it. I never wwatched it, but seeing that Britney and Kevin made it, you would know that it wouldn\\\'t be worth anything. It sounds like Britney wants it to be wonderful, while Kevin just wants the whole thing to be over with, and spend all of Britney\\\'s money. So whats the point in that?
  • only proves how much britney sucks. i almost got sick watchin this show because she couldnt hold the camera still for one second and she kept turning the camera around and doing close ups of her nasty pimple filled face.

    i think this was a publicity stunt gone wrong for britney spears. she wanted to jump on the reality tv band wagon and show the world the real britney spears and all it did was show that she is ugly without the 50 pounds of make up on her face(please wear make up 24/7 britney!). it showed she acts immature like a 5 year old, it showed that she is a sex crazed slut, and it showed that britney falls for dirty, scummy, troll lookin, gold diggin backup dancers with zero talent. please go back to Louisianna and disappear britney.
  • I could feel my IQ dropping...

    I could feel my IQ dropping after only watching a minute of this show. It should have been titled Britney & Kevin: MORONIC! The Blair Witch Project was bad enough. Do I really have to watch Britney Spears fascinated by her own nose. Compared to her, Jessica Simpson (from the Newly Weds fame) looks like a rocket scientist.
  • only proves that britney is white trash

    i thought this was a bad move for britney. why? because it only proves that britney is a stupid white trash redneck. see before britney got her universe sized ego she had people tellin her what to say in interviews, how to dress, how to dance, and how to sing. now, watching this show, we know that britney really is white trash with no talent. this is what happens when she tries to be herself. this show only showed the real britney. an ugly white trash redneck who falls in love with talentless troll lookin vanilla ice wannabe back updancer.
  • It´s about Britney and Kevin, how they meet and fell in love.

    I just saw all episodes and I thought it was good. I´m mean it´s not the best show in the world but I love it.

    I´m a big fan of Britney and now she seems more really to me.

    When they got married I have to confess I did cry, but just a little.

    If you are a fans you´ll love it and if you´re not, don´t watch it.
  • A programme showing the build up and the wedding and relationship of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

    This must be the worst programme i have ever seen. You'd have to have a sick bucket nearby, because it is that sickening. Who are they trying to convince that there's nothing wrong with their marriage, with them declaring their "love" for each other every 5 seconds. It also doesn't help with the camera seemly constantly stick up Britney's nose.
  • She just can't get enough money, can she?

    She's the American rich girl who has never done anything but lip sync and show her boobs to get her way to where she is now. (oh yeah, and from some help from kissing Modonna.) Sure, she's over 20, she's an adult. After watching this show, I found out she hasn't grown up a bit. She's still immature little girl inside. Just because she's sexual doesn't make her "all grown up". She talks about sex all the time, all she can talk about IS sex. i wonder why she enjoys sex so much? Britney fans are mostly little kids. You now why? Because most grown ups don't go buying CDs of a woman who can't sing, can't write, basically can't do anything. (Well, only horny men would buy her CD but they're not really "grown ups" so...) Did she ever think about the sexual things she's telling the teenagers? Personally, I don't think sex is a bad thing. But girls treat Brit as an idol, a role model, and she keeps showing "ooh sex is so good, I'm having it everyday" one day she's gonna get all of her fans pregnent! And all the boys in the world are gonna become daddies and leave the girl because they're "scared". "Ma ma... where's da da...?"
  • what an awesome show!!!!>....

    omg i first saw this show 3mnths back and i thought this is crap, but as it progressed i found it to be both funny and interesting. its not everyday one of the worlds hottest couples open up their front door to give you a look in to the weeks before their wedding truley amazing :)
  • Why don't people like this show? I think Britney & Kevin are great!

    This show is about pop superstar Britney Spears and dancer Kevin Federline as there relasionship develops. Britney and Kevin film each other with their own video cameras between Britneys Onyx Hotel tour 2004 talking about love, sex and fun. Britney and Kevinn get married at the end of this underappriciated show. I think some people would rather watch Britney's Toxic video instead of this but I think it is a good show showing us Britney & Kevin are just like the rest of us.
  • Britney at her worst!

    I have never seen this show when it was on upn because I dont get upn, but I did see previews of this show. Just seeing Britney talking about sex and how much she enjoys it with her disgusting husband was enough for me.

    Obviously she and scumbag are jealous of Nick and Jessica and wanted to "prove" that they were the next 'it' couple. (Which thank god they're not!)

    First off: Nick and Jessica has (supposed to be in caps)professionals (end of cap) come in and tape their lives. Spears and scumbag did it themselves. (Probably because she couldn't pay a crew enough to follow her and her dirtbag husband around without getting sick) mtv picked up on Nick and Jessica. The Spears's had to have an unknown station play their videos. That right there is extremely sad.

    I suggest to everyone that if this show ever airs again (and i hear that there is going to be a DVD release, so help us god) (All caps) Turn the channel! (end of caps) Why can't people release shows on DVD that people actually (all caps)want to see (end of cap) instead of trash like this? Strong Medicine, NYPD Blue, Charmed: all worthy shows of getting DVDs out (or getting more DVDs out) Don't waste your life on this show. Because every second that you watch, 3 years come off your expectancy of life. If you want to die young, be my guest and watch this show.
  • People need to give Britney a break!

    Many people believe that Britney is nothing but a slu* but I have to differ. I think she is fantastic. I only got to watch one of the episodes of her show, but I loved it. I would have watched more I was never able to. I have loved Britney ever since her first since of, \"...Baby One More Time\".

    She has been a great influence to me. She knows how to live her life to the fullest and ignores what everyone else thinks! I think that being a celebrity like herslef, you have to know how to ignore stupid people who loves to talk crap about everyone else but themselves!

    Give Britney a break! She is cleaning up her life with her husband and now her baby. I can not wait until she has her little bundle of joy. She will be a fantastic mother!
  • Horrible just horrible

    Who thought of this show it's so dumb.This is the worse reality show I have ever seen that show wasted my time.I look at it and how bad the camra work was and she keep asking sex questions and talking about sex I don't want to know all that stuff and she never did anything. I don't know how anyone could like this show.Thank goodness it's canceled.I tell you rather watch paint dry or grass grow anything would be better than this.
  • I watched their show on T.V and I really liked it! I liked how they opened up their life to everyone, because no one would ever do what Kevin and Britney did! I think that everyone that is talking smack about Kevin and Britney's show is really uncool!

    I am glad that Britney finally found someone! You know you always hear trash talk about Britney, and I think that everyone should just leave her alone! Now days nobody like's seeing other people happy, because no matter what you do or say you are being put down and that is what every one is doing to Britney! She has done things wrong in her life, but at least she is trying to change and make up for what she has done! I don't care what people say about her because I give her credit for what she is doing now!
  • Horrible. I just don't understand why this was even on. WOW.

    Britney at her worst. I just don't understand how or why this show was on the air. I am a fan of Britney's, but this show was not her best idea. I suspect that she has learned her lesson on reality TV? And to think I was actually excited about this show coming out at first.
  • My top pick for one of the worst shows I have ever seen on television!

    First of all, let me clear up one point right away. I would have given this show the "Going downhill fast" tag, but unfortunately there are sure to be thousands of pop culture loving teens out there who will continue to watch nonsense like this on TV, thus keeping our sets jampacked full of useless programming! From what I can tell, the main lesson to be learned from this show, is that you can take the girl out of the trailer park..but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. The show is a copycat of MTV's Diary series, which shows you the behind the scenes lives of your favorite music celebs. If I wanted to see Brit or her boytoy for this month sitting out by the pool slurping a big gulp, I would walk out to the pool at the Palms next time I am Vegas. Please, bring back Alf instead of this!
  • For god's sake, who in the hell gave Britney Spears a TV show and WHY?

    Giving Britney Spears a reality show was a mistake before her "transformation." But now, she has become this pregnant, white-trash woman who looks like she belongs in either a truck stop or a trailer park. Throw her husband into the fold and you have a combined IQ of maybe 60. Apparently Britney Spears thought she could capitalize on the success of MTV's "The Newlyweds."

    Normally, I would not place much credence solely only the shallow foundation of physical appearance. However, Britney Spears claim to fame has always been her looks, and only her looks (she has proven that every time she has opened her mouth).

    God I hope Kevin whatever his name is gets a vasectomy and Britney gets her tubes is bad enough having both of them in the world. We don't need three or four of their spawns too.
  • Britney's done for, folks.

    With this show, Britney and Kevin became the most disgusting couple ever. They are also the coupe that everyone is most sick of, right next to Rob and Amber and Trista and Ryan. When Britney picked her nose and said that she is awesome, and then laughed, that was it for me.
  • The show is about Britney Spears with a cheap camcorder with bad picture. We get to see Britney walk around with Kevin doing dumb stuff and talk about nothing.

    I wouldnt watch the show if they pay me. Britney has no talent and kevin speaks for his self the show is a big waste of time. I believe the show is another publisty stunt but this time no one payed her any attention thank god. Some needs to stop putting out dumb reality shows like that please somebody.
  • Give BS another shot!

    I thought this show was ... pretty good ... but it had its weak points. One of the weak points was that she and kevin filmed it themselves... and if you are watching this for 30 minutes straight, you either get a headache or you wanna hurl from all the camera turning. Other than that, it is awesome and it is way better than Newlyweds:)
  • Career Suicide

    What a dumb show I used to think Britney was kind of hot, but now I know she is a complete skank! I didn't think a person could be that into them selfs but boy was I wrong. Watch everytime she has the camera she has to flip the view screen around to look at herself. Kevin is quite the smart guy, wait no not really he is a sedd dropping idiot but he was smart enough to marry a rich hot girl so I give him credit for that.
  • I've taken bowel movements that looked better than this.

    It would make me feel a lot better if the people that allowed this show to be put on television were shot and hung from a tree. As if TV wasn't getting crappy enough. Thank God this was cancelled, and I'm sure that the people who did watch it and got nautious from the horrible camera work (a 4 year old can operate a handheld camera and set it to smooth motion), are glad they now have nothing to be sick about. And toxic_boy is obviously gay. If not, what're you on crack? A 10?
  • This show was a great look into Britney's REAL life, unlike some fake shows (like Newlyweds) that are absolutely sugar-coated.

    Britney really put herself out there and showed everyone who she really was. She didnt sugar-coat or make herself look glamarous. She was just real. I loved it. It was nice to see the courtship, engagement, and marriage of Britney and Kevin. I hope the best for them and their new baby.
  • you're kidding me? right? right?

    COME ON! I'm a big fan of Britney Spears, but really... this show is so boring and annoying. One thing that gets on my nerves it constant i love yous and wow, isn't she/he hotts. we know you guys are in love... we get it... i'm tired of seeing these guys in tabloids for making out in a library and stupid stuff like that... they're doing it for the tabloids... next they'll name their kid curious to promote britney's new perfume! i still like britney... but this show is so stupid i cant help but shun it from my life... tv has sunk so low... but this is the lowest.
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