Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

UPN (ended 2005)


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  • I like that the show is real but I wish they would just do a real reality show because the actule camera just kept shaking and sometimes game me a headach to watch!

    Even though I feel like the quality of the show would most likley be the same I just wish they would have done something with proffesional cameras and proffesional sound. I guess its ok that everyone gets to see the real Britney and Kevin but I watch "The Girls Next Door" and "House of Carters" and you can totally tell the editing is done and you can hear and its just way better than seeing these home videos of Birtney! I love her to death and I want to see the real side of her but I would rather see her without Kevin and without his "filming skills". So just incase people are not getting the whole point of this I am sayign I wish Britney would have shelled out a few more bucks to have this taped by a real network and get rid of the home videos!
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