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There are so many new television shows out there that it's impossible to keep track of all the high-profile ones. And the medium-profile ones may as well not exist at all. And the low-profile ones? FUHGEDDABOUDDIT! Lucky for you, you have ME on your side, your personal television previewer. I'll even watch the lower-profile stuff like Comedy Central's new (duh) comedy Broad City and help you figure out if it's worth your time! So let's get to it in another edition of Hey TV.com, I've Never Heard of This Show Before

Broad City, so this is a show about a city full of broads?

No. Wait, kinda! This is the television version of the web series of the same name starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as themselves. And who are they? Just two twenty-something chicas trying to have some fun and make some skrilla in the biggest city of them all, New York. The ladies toil through lame jobs and suffer the humiliations that many post-college grads experience as they hustle to make ends meet... and they're hilarious! Abbi is the more practical half of the pair and Ilana is the balls-out-er, as per the Comedy Duo Law of 1988. 

Who's behind the show, and who's in it?

Former Upright Citizens Brigade performers and best-o-friends Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the draw here, and they bounce off each other with the same entertaining energy of two super balls. Hannibal Buress co-stars as Ilana's sex toy, and UCB vets Chris Gethard and John Gremberling appear as annoyances in each of our heroine's lives. But are you looking for that big name attached to the show? It's Amy Poehler, who executive produces.

When does Broad City get hustlin' on our TV sets?

Broad City premieres Wednesday, January 22 at 10:30pm on Comedy Central, right after Workaholics' Season 4 premiere. The two shows are a good match.

Who's going to like Broad City?

All you kids out there should find something to like about this series. Forget GirlsBroad City is the best look at the young women of this generation. If you liked Flight of the Conchords for the non-music stuff, you'll dig this, too. 

What's best about living in Broad City?

Abbi and Ilana! This is the start of something big for these two talents, who make the arts of self-torture and bad decision-making funny and endearing. By 2018, they could be the new Poehler-Fey. The jokes are goofy and insightful, satirizing New York's endless opportunities and immovable dead ends (in the pilot, they take a Craigslist job working as near-naked maids for a freak played by Fred Armisen). But most of the humor comes from Abbi and Ilana's flawless delivery and the show's spot-on pacing: Broad City knows how to maximize a joke. Just watch Abbi's slow-mo flirting with her neighbor for proof. And though Comedy Central is notoriously grabby for the male 18-34 demographic and Broad City is fronted by two girls, both guys and gal should like this because these two women are DOWN.

What about Broad City will make you want to move out?

I'm really reaching here, but if you're burnt-out on life from the point of view of the current generation, then maybe this show isn't for you. And if you have a lawn that you're constantly trying to get kids to stay off of, then it's definitely a pass. 

So, should I watch it?

Yeah, dude. This is another winner from the incredibly hot Comedy Central.

Let's take a look at a trailer!

Okay! You can also watch the pilot right here if you're so inclined.

Broad City premieres Wednesday, January 22 at 10:30pm on Comedy Central.

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