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Season 2 Episode 34


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    • Interference the 1928 film was Paramount Picture's first total talkie.

    • Co-star Clive Brook of the 1928 film version of Interference recalled that when the film premiered in London, the needle became stuck on one of the soundtrack disks, causing Brook's character to repeatedly recite the deathless line "Another of those damned postcards -- another of those damned postcards -- another of those damned postcards."

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    • Interference, Broadway debut October 18, 1927 closing May 1928 after 224 performances, starred John Williams, A.E. Matthews, Philip Tonge, Kathlene MacDowell and Ethel Griffies.

    • Interference, 1928 film starring William Powell, Evelyn Brent, Clive Brook and Doris Kenyon.

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