Broadway Television Theatre - Season 2

(ended 1954)


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Episode Guide

  • The Witching Hour
    The Witching Hour
    Episode 37
    Jack Brookfield runs a gambling den, he is also clairvoyant and has hynoptic powers. He can virtually see through playing cards and has an uncanny premonitions for race track betting, Stock Exchange and other illegal gambling. After threatening to kill a crooked politician who blackmails him, he accidently mesmerizes Clay Thorne, the young man who is love with his daughter Nancy.moreless
  • Climax
    Episode 36
    Pietro Golfanti, a theatre physician murders his mistress the star of the play when his jealousy and obsession drive him to the point of insane madness. Ten years later another young singer reminds him of her and his base instincts kick in again, this time her fiancee saves her from the clutches of madness.moreless
  • Village Green
    Village Green
    Episode 35
    The Peabody's are a dynasty built upon by their "Robber Baron" forefathers who in the 1890's brought millions to New York and founded their get-rich quick dynasty. As Judge Peabody's daughter is about to be wed, closer scrutiny of the groom causes the Judge to have second thoughts about his daughter's choice in a husband.moreless
  • Interference
    Episode 34
    Lady Marlay's supposedly dead husband turns up very much alive under an assumed name. When Deborah Kane discovers that the "dead" man is living she blackmails the Lady Marlay. and a blackmailing plot conducted by a woman, who discovers that the "dead" man is in the land of the living. The blackmail scheme ends with the death of Deborah Kane, but who committed the crime, Lord Marlay believes his wife did and she believes he did it.moreless
  • Her Master's Voice
    Her Master's Voice
    Episode 33
    Ned Farrar loses his job and accepts a job as a handyman at the home of his wife's rich aunt. Aunt Minnie takes a shine to Ned and things get very complicated when his wife comes to visit.
  • The Noose
    The Noose
    Episode 32
    A two-bit crook's mother is about to marry the Governor when his dishonest father decides that it's the perfect opportunity for blackmail. Nickie wanting to protect his mother kills his own father, now the outcome relies heavily on whether his mother tells the truth and he gets hanged or keeps silent.moreless
  • Meet the Wife
    Meet the Wife
    Episode 31
    Gertrude gets the surprise of her life when her first husband believed to be dead returns from the ashes as a successful writer. Gertrude has taken a second husband, Harvey and now she is having a difficult time chosing between the two.
  • Wuthering Heights
    Wuthering Heights
    Episode 30
    At the estate of Wuthering Heights Lord Earnshaw brings home an orphan boy named Heathcliff, despised by his true son but adored by his daughter Catherine. As they grow up together they seem destined for happiness until the death of Lord Earnshaw. When his son takes over and demeans Heathcliffe to a life as a stable boy. Cathy meets the wealthy new neighbor Edgar Linton, forcing Heathcliff to leave in jealousy and disappointment.moreless
  • George and Margaret
    George and Margaret
    Episode 29
    A family's life is disrupted when the house is turned upside down to prepare for the arrival of two friends. One of the sons takes this inopportune moment to announce his upcoming marriage to the maid. The cook decides to leave and chaos ensues as the esteemed guests, never show up.moreless
  • In Any Language
    In Any Language
    Episode 28
    A woman has two reasons for being in Rome, one is to win back her husband and the other is to land a role in director Carmenelli's lastest film.
  • Kick In
    Kick In
    Episode 27
    An ex-con tries to go straight with the help of his wife but gets involved in crime due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Whistling in the Dark
    On the eve of his wedding a man is called to the mansion of a racketeer who has high hopes of inheriting a million dollar windfall, the problem is the sole heir is in the way. He asks him for help in eliminating the problem and making it look like an accident.moreless
  • The Firebrand
    The Firebrand
    Episode 25
    The Duchess of Florence is pursued by the adorous sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, paying no mind to the prescence of the Duke.
  • Guest in the House
    Guest in the House
    Episode 24
    The Proctor family anxiously awaits the arrival of Dan Proctor and his invalid fiancee Evelyn Heath. Dan's older brother Douglas is a commercial illustrator and his wife Ann take Evelyn under their wing. They understand the dominance of the alcoholic father who physically and emotionally scarred her. Evelyn writes in her diary, her secret love and longing for Douglas, and expresses her hatred for Dan. Evelyn manipulates the family and turns everyone against each other. Douglas finding out about the truth through her diary convinces Dan to in sending her to a sanitarium.moreless
  • Candle Light
    Candle Light
    Episode 23
    Josef is the Prince's butler and precedes his master from Paris to Monte Carlo, aboard the train he encounters the beautiful Marie who thinks he is the Prince because of the Coat of Arms on his baggage. Josef plays along pretending to be the Prince, when the real Prince shows up he pretends to be the butler.moreless
  • R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)
    The young and idealistic Helena Glory arrives at the island factory of Rossum's Universal Robots on a mission from a humanitarian organization devoted to liberate the Robots. The mad inventor Old Rossum is bent on playing GOD and artificially reproduces man in painstaking detail while his son produces cheaper versions to be used as inexpensive workers.moreless
  • Criminal at Large
    Criminal at Large
    Episode 21
    Chief Inspector Tanner tries to figure out the pattern of a murderers list of victims and Scotland Yards aid as they make their way to the castle of Lord Lebanon.
  • The Acquittal
    The Acquittal
    Episode 20
    Andrew Prentice is found murdered, his foster son is accused of the crime and put on trial. All the evidence is circumstantial and he is acquitted of any wrongdoing. His foster brother Robert now falls under suspicion. Robert was madly in love with Madeline who married his father and left him in a jealous rage.moreless
  • Smilin' Thru
    Smilin' Thru
    Episode 19
    A wealthy man is set to marry but on their wedding day she is accidentally killed during the ceremony by her drunken and jealous ex-fiance who actually meant to kill her husband-to-be.
  • Adam and Eva
    Adam and Eva
    Episode 18
    Eva spends money faster than daddy can earn it. He hires Adam Smith to curb her impulsiveness by telling her that he's gone broke.
  • Death Takes a Holiday
    Death decides to take a vacation, he appears at the villa of an Italian duke in the guise of a Prince. While away on his vacation no one on Earth dies. At the villa, he meets the fiance of the duke's son, Grazia whom he is extremely attracted too and for the first time experiences what it is like to be human by falling in love with her.moreless
  • The Gold Diggers
    The Gold Diggers
    Episode 16
    A group of chorus girls try to entice a wealthy backer to put his money into their cash poor Broadway show.
  • The Enchanted Cottage
    A scarred ex-GI visits the cottage where he was to spend his honeymoon prior to his accident, there he meets the homely maid and the two develop a bond and friendship that evolves into love.
  • I Like It Here
    I Like It Here
    Episode 14
    A refugee is hired by a Professor as a houseman. The Professor's home is an unhappy one, the professor's wife is bossy, the daughter in love with a struggling lawyer is forced to date a snooty politician. Willie turns the household upside down working his magic on the Professor's morale and saving the day for love.moreless
  • One Sunday Afternoon
    Biff believes that his friend Hugo ruined his life when he stole his girlfriend and married her. Now married himself, he still seeks revenge on Hugo.
  • This Thing Called Love
    Business partners marry on a trial basis to see if they can function as friends as well as a couple. She denies her husband access to the conjugal bed for three months, but he isn't having any of it and concocts all kinds of plots to woe her into his arms and bed.moreless
  • Outward Bound
    Outward Bound
    Episode 11
    A group of people find themselves aboard a ship sailing for an unknown destination. The ship is constantly shrouded in fog and slowly the passengers begin to realize that they're in a state of limbo between this life and the next.
  • Craig's Wife
    Craig's Wife
    Episode 10
    Cold-hearted, calculating and controlling, Harriet Craig is obsessed with keeping her home and everyone around her perfect. Her poor hapless husband Walter, realizes too late the extent she will go to achieve her goals.
  • Seven Keys to Baldpate
    A mystery writer bets his friend that he can complete his lastest novel in the quiet remote inn Baldpate. His sneaky friend sends the beautiful girl there to steal the manuscript, things turn more complicated when a man claiming to be the caretaker shows up.
  • The Letter
    The Letter
    Episode 8
    The wife of a Malaysian plantation owner kills her lover and claims it was self defense. Her long suffering husband hires his friend to who reluctantly defends her.
  • The Nervous Wreck
    The Nervous Wreck
    Episode 7
    A stressed clerk goes to a dude ranch hoping to relax and rest.
  • The Two Mrs. Carrolls
    A married struggling artist meets a woman while on a fishing trip. A romance develops between the two, but he fails to tell her he's already married. Upon his return home, he paints his wife as an angel of death and poisons her. Now free to go after Sally, he weds her but after awhile of marriage he feels the same urge to paint her as the angel of death as well.moreless
  • It Pays to Advertise
    A young man tries to prove to his father that any product, if properly marketed can be made into a successful venture. He joins together with his father's secretary to prove that exact point with a non-existent laundry soap, complicating the matter is when the make-believe product turns out to be more successful than he imagined.moreless
  • Suspect
    Episode 4
    Mrs. Smith is suspected of murder and is let off as not guilty. She changes her name and starts a new life. Now many years later her son is engaged to be married. Things turn bad when his fiancee's godfather recognizes his mother, digging up the past and hurting her son's future.moreless
  • Theatre
    Episode 3
    Stage actress Julia Lambert is a master of her craft on-stage, off-stage is a different story. Unfulfilled in her marriage she seeks another lover and finds him unfaithful as she seeks out revenge, she realizes just how lonely and empty her life is without the stage.
  • The Bishop Misbehaves
    Donald Meadows becomes infatuated with Hester Grantham whom he meets while on an architectural tour of the Cathedral at Broadminster. He learns that Hester needs his help to rob a man who has cheated her father out of a patent on his invention. Things go awry when the Bishop and his sister accidentally become involved.moreless
  • Blind Alley
    Blind Alley
    Episode 1
    A gangster takes refuge in the home of a Professor of psychology and becomes unhinged at the professor's probing into his past.