Broken News

BBC Two (ended 2005)


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  • A show that is funnier the more you think about it.

    When I saw this on the TV I loved it - it's a spoof of 24 hour news coverage that is accurate and funny. The set design and computer graphics are done perfectly, accurately simulating the absurdities and peculiarities of modern news coverage. The dialogue is full of lines that sound alright until you think about them, for example: "The press conference is scheduled for the day after tomorrow morning". And I love the absurd cutaways to snippets of the wacky and weird news channels - they work a treat and help keep up the feeling of a fast paced ride through the world of news reporting.

    Another thing I like is that there are a few interesting characters that come up over the course of the series - I particularly liked with the bitter journalist embedded in the International Space Station, Nick Burnham, and Russ has some depth to him too :).

    The one problem with this show is that some of the recurring jokes (particularly the delaying tactics of the ESN News Anchors) are done slightly too much. This is a show that should be watched one (or at the very most two) episodes at a time, to prevent overload. Each episode should stand by itself for maximum enjoyment.

    Sir Thursday