Season 1 Episode 4

Bros in the Wild

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • I wanted to tear my eyes out.

    As guilty pleasures go, "Bromance" is entertaining, even charming, in its own way. This episode, however, is utterly unwatchable. All the amusing conflicts between the guys in previous episodes is replaced with embarrassing therapy sessions and group hugs. No, I don't watch reality TV to learn what the cast members' greatest emotional fears are. I don't watch to hear silly sex stories (which we've all heard dozens of times before) told around the campfire, either. And for all the griping Brody does about fake Hollywood types from when his first reality show was canceled, he's certainly not above proving how shallow and self-absorbed he is when he uses the occasion to brag about how his mother dated Elvis, and a string of other name-dropping stories to impress the guys. The only redeeming few minutes of the episode -- aside from Brody's brief retelling of the "Princes of Malibu" disaster -- comes when Chris and Femi (suddenly best buds) start grousing about the New Englander guys' odd attachment to each other. The primal-scream therapy moment really summed it up for me: I wanted to scream as well.