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  • In Bromance, American socialite Brody Jenner is looking for a new mate after having a falling out with long-time friend Spencer Pratt. Nine guys compete to win Jenner's friendship, a place in LA and the chance to live alongside Brody's party lifestyle.

    The show was clearly aimed at Jenner's teen female fans, with every episode finding a not-so-subtle way to display Brody's abs. To dispel any suggestion that the show is homoerotic, Brody always has bikini-clad hotties floating around somewhere in the background. And then there's the "reality-but-acted-out" scenes between Brody and his original friends Sleazy T and Frankie that we've come to expect from anything MTV.

    Still, Bromance is refreshing in that it's not about finding love, which seems to be all that reality shows are willing to deal with. I enjoyed the dynamic between the boys, and bonds that develops between them. The typical dude stupidity that had to happen with 9 blokes in one house makes great mindless television.

    So give Bromance a go - but don't pin your expectations too high.
  • Bromance is yet another The Hills spin-off but yet this one is about one of the guys that came out in the show by the name of Brody Jenner and the show is about Brody finding a companion/friend to be with him and his crazy adventures so i watch it people.

    Bromance is awsome if you like the hills then youll like this show its great i said this is my favortie new show when i saw the promos to it its so great to keep having shows like this there entrartaining and can make you have a good day. and Brody is cool and i think he and Lauren shouldve stayed together maybe we could have seeing Newlyweds: Brody and Lauren...But Hey we may never now what could happen next so catch Bromance Mondays on mtv also catch The City another The Hills Spin-off and keep them coming what should be next...oh in know the...
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