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  • Bromance is yet another The Hills spin-off but yet this one is about one of the guys that came out in the show by the name of Brody Jenner and the show is about Brody finding a companion/friend to be with him and his crazy adventures so i watch it people.

    Bromance is awsome if you like the hills then youll like this show its great i said this is my favortie new show when i saw the promos to it its so great to keep having shows like this there entrartaining and can make you have a good day. and Brody is cool and i think he and Lauren shouldve stayed together maybe we could have seeing Newlyweds: Brody and Lauren...But Hey we may never now what could happen next so catch Bromance Mondays on mtv also catch The City another The Hills Spin-off and keep them coming what should be next...oh in know the...