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Bromwell High

Weekdays 9:30 PM on TELETOON Premiered Mar 07, 2005 Between Seasons



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Bromwell High

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Welcome to the Bromwell High guide at TV.com. Bromwell High is set in an under-funded, graffitti-scarred secondary school in South London and follows the exploits of three exceptionally naughty school girls, one maverick Headmaster and a bunch of desperate teachers. Keisha Marie, Latrina and Natella are the first word in streetwise charm.

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AIRED ON 4/26/2005

Season 1 : Episode 13

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  • I /loved/ this show.

    I watched this show many years ago on Teletoon while staying up late one night waiting for Family Guy to air, and fell in love with it immediately. It's a shame that it only went on for 13-or-so episodes...I had thought it had gone on for many more than that. Iqbal was my favourite character, and I found him hilarious. I loved the crazy schemes he would pull (with minimal success, might I add) to try and fund the school with more money. I really need to give the episodes another watch, I haven't seen this show in ages. The only episodes I so faintly remember are Sweets and the chicken episode, and from what I remember, they were fantastic.moreless
  • A great show with kids mouthing off and incompetent teachers, just like most schools!

    This is a great show for many reasons. Some of the best parts are when Keisha makes fun of Natasha. The Simpsons would be much better if Lisa was treated like that, she's really annoying. Iqbal is always hillarious and all of the other members of the staff make the show worth watching. Great show poor time slot, the downfall of many great shows. Great show I'll watch it whenever it's on. It gets better with each episode. If you like Family Guy or South Park this show is perfect for you. It's uncencored aswell which makes it just that much better.moreless
  • Hey Bromwell high Has Been A great series with teen drama.The girls in keshias clique are quite vulgar using the "f" word practacally in every episode.

    I give the series the rating of 8.9 because it was good but not that good. They as you all know could of done better and added some mature stories instead of the vulgar way to put comedy.Bromwell High was a great series.Though i haven't seen a new episode since the episode "Sweets".

    It seems realy weird.It's been about 2 years and they haven't released a new series.The best episode was Valentines day.Well at my perspective.The creaters should to some tuning.

    As I said they should add some more storylines like a mature storyline for the mature audience.Bromwell high is a great show i just hope it's not cancelled.

    8.9 : That is my rating.moreless
  • To funny for words.

    To funny for words.

    For all its swears, vulgar and all around stupidity its no wonder why I personly love this show. The students hate the school, and the teachers hate the school. The show is basically about Three girls and their mis-adventures in a poor school. Keisha Marie the brawn, Natella the brains and Latrina the school bike always end up fixing whatever get quick-fast scam the principal does. Toss in a few swears and vulgar and you have a very funny episode.moreless
  • A hilarious show about a school and their many adventures.

    At first I never cared for this show. The animation, swearing, and all the rest wasn't much to like. But after giving it a chance I got sucked into it. It's absolutley hilarious! The dialouge it great. Although, I could do less for the poor grammer and over amount of swearing. But, I must say, It is a fresh feeling to finally see some swearing in animated shows. It's just great! And the jokes, swearing, are just exactly what I hear at school. It's not all that far from reality. But, in the end of each episode, a lesson is learned, although the characters just can't seem to get it. ROTFLmoreless

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