Bromwell High

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  • Season 1
    • Sweets
      Episode 13
      When the girls find themselves in possession of a truck-load of black market sweets, they quickly discover that the sweets are mind-blowing. With an article being written about "Heads and their Deputies", this is Iqbal and Bibby's chance to shine. But will journalist Steve be more interested with the fact that kid's heads are exploding?moreless
    • Drama Queen
      Drama Queen
      Episode 12
      Martin and Carol Jackson's marriage is in the pits, and Carol decides to put her energy into organising a school play to push her woes into work. Latrina is given the star role but encounters an extreme bout of stage fright. Meanwhile, Iqbal and Bibby have managed to secure funding from banks and need to decide how to invest it. A hard-fought battle between the teachers start, each one bidding to secure desperately needed cash for their departments.moreless
    • Natella Takes Charge
      When the girls play around with a bomb that has been left in the playground, it unsurprisingly ends with a scene of chaos and destruction. In order to pay for the necessary renovations, Iqbal and Mr Bibby arrange for Albanian Fried Chicken to sponsor Bromwell High, resulting in extreme changes to the school.moreless
    • Prefect
      Episode 10
      Keisha's behavioural problems are getting worse and it is time for Iqbal and Mr Bibby to take drastic measures. To Natella's displeasure , they appoint Keisha as a school prefect. Keisha's mission is to reduce crime levels in the school, which she does with voilence
    • Sack Race
      Sack Race
      Episode 9
      When P.E. teacher Mr Philips gives Latrina an old vest that she believes belonged to Bromwell High's famous athlete Leroy Thomas, she immediately displays an astonishing athletic prowess. Also, an Inspector has come to Bromwell High to decide which teacher to sack, due to Iqbal's lack of competence in running the school.moreless
    • Baby Boom
      Baby Boom
      Episode 8
      Latrina's mum has just had another baby, which Latrina accidentally brings into school . Trying to get rid of the baby, Latrina swaps the infant with the sex education teacher's doll.
    • Goodbye Mr. Crisps
      Iqbal and Mr Bibby need to raise money to solve Bromwell High's financial crisis, so when Natella introduces Iqbal to her new friend, Katie, who she met at the National Science Competition, Iqbal is delighted to learn just how much some children's parents are willing to pay for a decent education and makes drastic changes in order for him to be rich.moreless
    • Valentine's Day
      Valentine's Day
      Episode 6
      It's Valentine's Day at Bromwell High but Natella has persuaded Keisha and Latrina to not celebrate it this year on the basis that it is a meaningless event when kids just judge people by looks. Keisha and Latrina are not happy with Natella when Miss Dickson decides to send all pupils without cards to "ugly class", but things start to heat up for the girls as Davis - the coolest boy in the school - is seen putting a Valentine's card in Keisha and Natella's box and a fight starts between Keisha and Latrinamoreless
    • Fire Drill
      Fire Drill
      Episode 5
      Keisha's fascination with setting things on fire has gone out of control and she is unable to stop herself from setting fire to things, including the school grounds. Iqbal's real problems start, when one of Keisha's fires highlights the fact that Bromwell High has no wheelchair access.
    • No More Teachers
      No More Teachers
      Episode 4
      After a smashing performance at the school music evening, Mr. Anderson, the English teacher, is offered a career as a pop star, leaving the rest of the teachers to think about their own pathetic and unrewarding careers in the classroom. Depressed and dreaming of a better future, they all resign (except Mr. Phillips, the P.E. teacher) and Iqbal is faced with the problem of replacing an entire staff. ... with rhesus monkeys!moreless
    • Keisha's In Love
      Keisha's In Love
      Episode 3
      Bromwell High has a new pupil named Spencer. Keisha starts to have strange warm and tingly feelings every time she sees Spencer, causing her to punch him. Meanwhile the Head of Year Eight position becomes vacant, resulting in a hard-fought battle between Miss Dickson and Mr Philips both who set out to impress Iqbal with their teaching skills..moreless
    • Police Story
      Police Story
      Episode 2
      When a mobile phone thief continues to evade the local police, Inspector Lehman pays Bromwell High a visit. Lehman informs Headmaster Iqbal that he will be leaving PC Carter at the school to try and catch the thief, and threatens that if Iqbal does not cooperate with the police, they will start an investigation on his illegal animal trade.moreless
    • Tolerance
      Episode 1
      The three girls prepare a presentation on the theme of tolerance, a subject which highlights the multi-cultural diversity of the students at Bromwell High. Keisha and Natella become rivals in a bid to win a prize which seemingly doesn't exist.