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Bromwell High

Season 1 Episode 4

No More Teachers

Aired Weekdays 9:30 PM Feb 22, 2005 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

No More Teachers
After a smashing performance at the school music evening, Mr. Anderson, the English teacher, is offered a career as a pop star, leaving the rest of the teachers to think about their own pathetic and unrewarding careers in the classroom. Depressed and dreaming of a better future, they all resign (except Mr. Phillips, the P.E. teacher) and Iqbal is faced with the problem of replacing an entire staff. ... with rhesus monkeys!moreless
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      • Mr Phillips (The P.E. Teacher(: Headmaster. i shall cut to the quick. I'm leaving this job to pursue my dream of becoming a P.E. teacher.
        Iqbal: What if i was to offer you a job as a P.E. teacher right here?
        Mr. Phillips:You..you don't mean..?
        Iqbal: You would have to take a hefty pay cut.
        Mr. Phillips: Anything.

      • Mr. Bibby (reading a letter): So, kidnapping pays off? (to Iqbal) I resign.

      • Latrina: Oh Natella! Indian music is for gays!

      • (After Dave Anderson leaves on his helicopter)
        Latrina: Is Mr. Anderson leaving?
        (Gavin and Martin nod their heads)
        Latrina:Are you two leaving?
        (Gavin and Martin shake their heads)
        Latrina: So you're both still teachers?
        (Gavin and Martin nod)
        Latrina: You'll both be teachers forever, I reckon.
        (Martin smacks Latrina on the back of her head)
        Latrina: Ow! You accidentally hit me!
        (Gavin smacks Latrina)
        Latrina: And you too!
        (Martin does it again)

      • (After Natella plays her sitar and Gavin breaks it on stage)
        Natella: Well, what did you think? Give me your honest opinion.
        Keisha: You were sh*t, sh*tier than sh*t. You were so sh*t it made me wanna block out my ears of sh*t, and eat some sh*t, and then do a sh*t.
        Natella: Right...Latrina?
        Latrina: Sh*t.
        Natella: Well, obviously I can't expect you to appreciate the subtleties of Indian classical music. For my talents to be truly appreciated, I require a more sophisticated audience.
        Keisha: I agree, if sophisticated means deaf.

      • (after Dave Anderson gets a record deal)
        Dave Anderson: Mornin' Martin
        Martin: I'm not jealous...
        Dave Anderson: Of what?
        Martin: Nothing. F*ck!
        Dave Anderson: What'd you mean f*ck?
        Martin: I love teaching, I don't wanna be a millionaire (begins to cry).

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