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  • I /loved/ this show.

    I watched this show many years ago on Teletoon while staying up late one night waiting for Family Guy to air, and fell in love with it immediately. It's a shame that it only went on for 13-or-so episodes...I had thought it had gone on for many more than that. Iqbal was my favourite character, and I found him hilarious. I loved the crazy schemes he would pull (with minimal success, might I add) to try and fund the school with more money. I really need to give the episodes another watch, I haven't seen this show in ages. The only episodes I so faintly remember are Sweets and the chicken episode, and from what I remember, they were fantastic.
  • A great show with kids mouthing off and incompetent teachers, just like most schools!

    This is a great show for many reasons. Some of the best parts are when Keisha makes fun of Natasha. The Simpsons would be much better if Lisa was treated like that, she's really annoying. Iqbal is always hillarious and all of the other members of the staff make the show worth watching. Great show poor time slot, the downfall of many great shows. Great show I'll watch it whenever it's on. It gets better with each episode. If you like Family Guy or South Park this show is perfect for you. It's uncencored aswell which makes it just that much better.
  • Hey Bromwell high Has Been A great series with teen drama.The girls in keshias clique are quite vulgar using the "f" word practacally in every episode.

    I give the series the rating of 8.9 because it was good but not that good. They as you all know could of done better and added some mature stories instead of the vulgar way to put comedy.Bromwell High was a great series.Though i haven't seen a new episode since the episode "Sweets".

    It seems realy weird.It's been about 2 years and they haven't released a new series.The best episode was Valentines day.Well at my perspective.The creaters should to some tuning.

    As I said they should add some more storylines like a mature storyline for the mature audience.Bromwell high is a great show i just hope it's not cancelled.

    8.9 : That is my rating.
  • To funny for words.

    To funny for words.

    For all its swears, vulgar and all around stupidity its no wonder why I personly love this show. The students hate the school, and the teachers hate the school. The show is basically about Three girls and their mis-adventures in a poor school. Keisha Marie the brawn, Natella the brains and Latrina the school bike always end up fixing whatever get quick-fast scam the principal does. Toss in a few swears and vulgar and you have a very funny episode.
  • A hilarious show about a school and their many adventures.

    At first I never cared for this show. The animation, swearing, and all the rest wasn't much to like. But after giving it a chance I got sucked into it. It's absolutley hilarious! The dialouge it great. Although, I could do less for the poor grammer and over amount of swearing. But, I must say, It is a fresh feeling to finally see some swearing in animated shows. It's just great! And the jokes, swearing, are just exactly what I hear at school. It's not all that far from reality. But, in the end of each episode, a lesson is learned, although the characters just can't seem to get it. ROTFL
  • One of the worst shows I have ever watched!

    Ok, this show is unfunny, completeley full of swears, sexual referneces, references to genitals, nudity, adultery, men wearing S&M clothing, and much more. Complete waste of time and no-one watches this show unless there is nothing else to do (And there is always something to do) So watch this once and you will never watch it again. The show is 18+ but that is an understatement! Should be 21+. There are some funny moments, like peopples heads exploding, but nothing else in the show is really funny. So give the show a chance and see if you agree with this!
  • Welcome to Bromwell high, an underfunded, overcrowded in city school where the teachers don't teach, the students don't learn, and nobody gives a ****.

    i must say, there's on thng i love about this series - absolutely classic one liners. Oh the plots are wonderful, and the characters themselves are hilarious, but what makes it perfect is the hilarious lines. i don't think i've laughed so hard for so long in quite a while. "Its always some day or another here. today is "sex education day" yesterday was "monday". brilliant. "'i'm here to sack one of your teachers' 'welcome to bromwell high miss'". Hilarious. And, considering its premise, most of the jokes are very clean. I can't think of anything i would change about it.
  • Bromwell High follows the adventures of three naughty schoolgirls, one maverick headmaster and a bunch of desperate, underpaid teachers. The action takes place at the bog standard, under-funded, overcrowded, graffiti-scarred secondary school in South Lon

    One word: great! Bromwell High is not just an average show with stupid gags and junk like that, it is a masterpiece! I hope they make more episodes. The characters are great. The episodes are super. And the jokes are wonderful. Keep up the great work Bromwell High! Viva Bromwell High!
  • Wow! What utter crud!!!!!!

    Such sweet, load of crap! Make that a pile of 100000000000000000000000000000000 tons of crap to be on the dot. I mean school like that has ever behaved like that. I can't beleive teachers would let them bully other students. A school like that would never be allowed at all...
  • bromwell high most offencive ya right, plus it canadian/british humor so if you "dont get it" then go back to your shows like "war at home" where smart comedy is non existant and then dumbed down.

    for those who "dont get it" its because its not an american show like "drawn together" and such, its (believe it or not) canadian so naturally if you dont get british or canadian comedy then dont bloody watch the show. not to mention "south park" and "drawn together" are not the most offencive shows on, I live in canada and well nothing is bleeped (unless original cuts make it so, like "south park") we see shows like the "osborns" and "chappell show" unbleeped and we get to watch shows on sexuality with no blurs. so in my opinion the most offencive show on tv is "pupets who kill" and that still is an over statment, because an offencive show in my opinion whould have to be a show that is only racism and it is not ment for a laugh. Bromwell High is awsome i give it a 9.7.
  • This show is about life in high school. With a lot of clichés, we can still see some truth. Superficial, nerds, bullies, bad teachers, really bad director. This show is funny, interesting and totally irrealistic.

    Wow i really like this show, it\'s hilarious and really even if it\'s all stereotyped, we can still see somehow a lot of truth about high schools. I rememeber the first thing I saw from this serie is a scene where Keisha is late for her religion class and the teacher asks her what is her religion, to whom she responds \'\'I\'m black\'\'.Hilarious.
  • Bromwell High is set in an under-funded, graffiti-scarred secondary school in south London and follows the exploits of three exceptionally naughty schoolgirls, one maverick headmaster and a bunch of desperate teachers. Keisha, Latrina and Natella are the

    'Bromwell High' it's when black and whitle women call each over nasty names and the adults think it's all right. It's taking offensiveness to the highest leves than 'Drawn Together' and 'South Park'. Keshia is a the black one and she is fine. Sweary at times but fine. Latrina is the white smoking one and finally, Natella is the smart and sweet know-it-all, but, nobody listens to her and a bully at the high, gives her the finger through the neck thing. 'Bromwell High' takes normal life, slave-auctions and racial meanings mixing it all into a bad show. It would be better if it was like 'South Park', 'Family Guy', 'Drawn Together' or 'American Dad'. This is a show thats so very bad for you. More appropiate for street-graphitti people. 'Bromwell High' has the worst point ideas as 'The Simpsons' and children in court was used once in 'South Park', but this show does it alot. It would be better for parents and children not to watch it. rating: F
  • Wow!

    This show bromwell high is the sweetest show on the air, they should make more episodes though...but i never get bored of watching.
    Bromwell high is the best show out there i mean a person could watch it over and over and still find hidden "Eastereggs". Bromwell High Forever!

    P.S. I don't care what people say about this show in my opinion it is the BEST!
  • I'm so addicted to the show that I actually swear with a chav British accent now. Bring on the DVD!

    Where do I start? Ok. Bromwell high is WAY above Groening or MacFarlane when it comes to comedy. It's full of one liners, and it's dificult to make one liners work these days.

    Second. The really amusing characters. The impoverished inner city London kids, the *sshole-like but lovable Iqbal, and the skanky teachers.

    Third. That it's actually universal. It deals with a lot of issues: racism, sexism, social and political corruption. When I watch this show, I do laugh, but I relate to what Keisha, Natella, and Latrina (oh GOD that name is classic) are going through. I also how they show that Keish and Latrina can actually be smarter than Natella.
  • Not as funny as it should be. Should have better writing

    Just so you know, I waited up on the night the pilot aired, and when I watched it, it was quite abysmal. It had a couple of funny jokes, but overall, I've seen school exams funnier than this show. I can't believe I watched this when I could have been sitting bored completing some PC game I've completed 100 times before! Seriously, it's that bad for me. The writing isn't robust, not witty, not funny at all. I don't know who wrote it, but seriously, I got bored within 5 minutes, goh! I can't tell you how bad it was!
  • Marvolous show depicting how stereotypical Britain schools are.

    This show shows every single stereotype of how high schools are in britain and multiplys it by ten.
    Some may think that this stuff doesnt go on but at my school there are people who have ADD, unapreciated Smart kids, teachers who try to act cool, a variered mix of ethnic people, discrimination, bullying and rule breaking going on under the teachers noses with the teachers ignoring it. This show shows incredable humour and shows the behaviour of school kids in britain today.
    All of the charactors are well thought out and the storylines are well thought out.
    I recommend this to anybody who wants to find out about how british school kids act. Just remember the behavour is not to this degree.
  • guilty pleasure... what more can I say about this one hit and run series? it's awesome beyond belief and I can't believe more people don't sit down and let themselves bask in the brilliant yet insane stupidity that is Bromwell High...

    Keisha Marie, Latrina and Natella... three middle school students having to live the hard life that spoiled brat kids could only dread. Keisha Marie, the violent sometimes arrogant yet always lovable character that everyone loves to love. Latrina the major slut who just happens to be blonde and an all-out ditz. she always steals your heart that one line wonder of hers. "... is for gays!" and Natella, the always brilliant top-holder who tries to keep what little law and order there is between her friends and the incompetant teachers and of course headmaster of Bromwell High.

    Iqbal, the headmaster of Bromwell High has to be the biggest source of comic relief. whenever something's going on, Iqbal is always there to make the situation laughable. Mr. Bibb, the geography teacher, the always serious but again, laughable character everyone loves to laugh at is always there to help make the situation amusing. he always offers one or two lines that would make anyone give a whole-hearted chuckle.

    wasn't I right when I said this one hit and run wonder offers guilty pleasure? well... to add to the comedy atmosphere, the animation in itself is crude and sometimes graphic. the hard language adds to it as well. we often tell ourselves that swearing is rude. well... the swearing in Bromwell High just helps add to the comedy. the slutty teachers and the imcompetance is enough to make anyone giggle. this show offers 30 minutes of pure chuckles and excitement.

    I highly recommend this show to anyone with a brain. the plot in itself is easy to follow and fun to comprehend. each adventure that takes place in Bromwell High is fun to muse along to. so if ever you are just sitting down picking your nose with nothing to do. flip on your tv, flip to Teletoon/whatever other channel it's on and just watch and enjoy it. you shan't be disappointed. infact, you will be happy to just sit there and laugh at the expense of Keisha Marie, Latrina, Natella, Kylie Rice-Davis, Ms. Dickson, Carol and Martin Jackson (Martin is also known as Mongo), Mr. Bibb, Headmaster, and all the other characters who join in on what hopes to be the next big comedy sensation; Bromwell High.

    - Tinker
  • It's about these three kids from Bromwell High, Keisha(a female bully, who has learning disabilities), Latrina (a weird caucasian girl) and Natella (a nerdy Asian girl) and their teachers, peers and let's not forget their headmaster Iqbal.

    I luv this show! I think more people should watch this show because it\'s totally hilarious. None of my friends even watch this show. I\'m glad Teletoon decided to air this, because I needed a show to replace my beloved Undergrads. The way Keisha talks reminds me of Vicky from Little Britain!
  • My boy-friend reccommended this show to me and it is hilarious!!! Keshia, Natella and Latrina are such different people it's hard to say why they would be friends, the teachers are absolutley marvelous. I never miss an episode, it should be kept on air, a

    My boy-friend reccommended this show to me and it is hilarious!!! Keshia, Natella and Latrina are such different people it's hard to say why they would be friends, the teachers are absolutley marvelous. I never miss an episode, it should be kept on air, and they should create more episodes!
  • Very funny show that I was surprised to find that I hadn't seen before. Always good for a laugh, and is surprisingly funny for a Canadian tv series.

    Always funny, I haven't watched an episode yet where I haven't laughed until it hurt. I'm surprised more people haven't seen this show, almost everyone I know hasn't, but those who have, are now hooked.

    I'm hoping it isn't a one season wonder, like some other great animated series (see undergrads etc) and I look forward to new episodes.

    Great series.
  • Hilarious show that deserves more recognition.

    I came across this show one night while I was watching Teletoon (think of it as the Canadian derive of Cartoon Network). At first I wasn't too into the show and thought it was ok. But as I watched more episodes, it quickly became one of my favourite shows. The 3 main characters (Keisha, Larina and Natella) are plain hilarious, especially Keisha. My favourite character of all is the Headmaster, a middle-eastern, greedy dumbass who uses the schools money for himself. Whoever plays his voice is brilliant. The weird situations he gets into are things you wouldn't ever think of and it always falls into Keisha, Latrina and Natella to help him out.