Bromwell High

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Weekdays 9:30 PM Feb 01, 2005 on TELETOON
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The three girls prepare a presentation on the theme of tolerance, a subject which highlights the multi-cultural diversity of the students at Bromwell High. Keisha and Natella become rivals in a bid to win a prize which seemingly doesn't exist.
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      • Mrs. Dickson: The prize goes to Kylie for reminding us that it's easy to be tolerant to those we like, but true tolerance includes being nice to stinking ginger freaks! (hands Kylie a large TV)

      • Miss Dickson: I'd like to see his haymaker.
        Mrs Jackson: I'd like to see his left ja-er, right hoo-um, whats another name for cock?

      • Natella: ... and a celebration of me doing the best presentation!

      • Iqbal: (crying) The teachers don't like me! I took their biscuits!

        Bibby: So what?They didn't like ME when I took their credit cards!

      • Latrina: Oh Ms. Dickson! Tolerance is fo' gays!
        Ms. Dickson: Yes, well, OK.

      • Teacher: Who can tell me different about Kylie? Keisha?

        Keisha: She STINKS!

        Teacher: Yes, stinking is different. Most people would bathe. Yes, Latrina?

        Latrina: Her face looks like she's been 'it by a spade.

        Teacher: SPADEFACE! Yes that's different.

        Keisha: Rick Brumshah's done a **** IN HER POCKET!

        (Kylie starts crying)

        Teacher:Oh, that's a good one.

      • ( On ways to save money)
        Iqbal: from now on, no more coffe, you will own drink your own urine, like I do.
        ( Gasps)
        Iqbal: In fact, you will drink my urine
        Iqbal: And no more biscuits, you will eat only horses
        Iqbal: and no more books, these kids can't read anyway.
        The staff nods in agreement.

      • Mrs. Jackson: Tell us atleast you'll be spending the money on books!
        Iqbal: If by books you mean wind surfing lessons than yes.

      • Miss Dickson:So, this week's project is tolerance. I want each of you to do a presentation in assembly on Friday.
        Natella: And the best one wins a prize!?
        Miss Dickson: No, no prize.
        Natella: I'm going to win that prize, Miss Dickson.
        Keisha: how do you always think you're gonna win?
        Natella: Because I always do.
        Keisha: Oh yeah.
        Miss Dickson: Really, there's no prize. I don't believe in prizes.
        Keisha: What, you don't believe prizes exists?
        Miss Dickson: Well I believe they exist but...
        Keisha: Well then I'm going to win that prize, Miss Dickson.
        Natella: I don't think so.
        Keisha: Oh don.t you, Natella? And why won't I win?
        Natella: Because, I always do.
        Keisha: Oh yeah.

      • Keisha: Well todays the day.
        Natella: Yep, D-day.
        Keisha: Yep, Thursday
        Natella: Yep, Friday.
        Keisha: Yep Wednesday
        Natella: No Keisha it's Friday
        Keisha: Or maybe it's D-day
        Natella: Yes, but...
        Keisha: You think you know so much about the days of the week!

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