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After the end of the American Civil War, former Confederate army captain Bronco Layne seeks his fortune in the lawless West. The Bronco character was created as a clone of Cheyenne when Clint Walker walked out on that show for a year in a contract dispute. For the 1958-59 TV season, the program was renamed The Cheyenne Show and featured reruns of Cheyenne episodes alternating with episodes of the new Bronco. It was not until Clint Walker's return to Cheyenne for the 1959-60 TV season that the network decided Bronco could survive on its own, giving it a new timeslot (alternating with Sugarfoot) and finally giving the show its own theme song: Bronco, Bronco, Tearin' across the Texas plain. Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne. Born down around the old panhandle, Texas is where he grew to fame. There ain't a horse that he can't handle, That's how he got his name. (Repeat chorus) Next to a foursquare Texas twister, You'd call a cyclone meek and mild. You've never seen a twister, mister, 'Til someone gets him riled. (Repeat chorus) Show me a gal who's kissed him once, I'll show you a gal who's kissed him twice. Once any gal has kissed him twice, She's dreamin' of shoes and rice. (Repeat chorus)moreless