Brooke Knows Best

Season 1 Episode 1

Movin' In

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2008 on VH1
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With her 20th birthday approaching, Brooke Hogan prepares to leave the family home and move into her own apartment in Miami Beach. Despite the divorce, both of her parents are there to aid in her move but Brooke fears that her overprotective father may not be as ready to let her go as she is to leave the nest.moreless

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      • Brooke: Why do we need a pen?
        Hulk: Severe eye irritation.
        Brooke: Don't spray it dad. (begins to cough)
        Hulk: If you're choking and gagging like a maggot can you imagine if you sprayed it on some bad guy who was all excited and had an erection or something? He'd freak out and lose it.

      • (Shows Taser)
        Hulk: Look at this. Just in case one of these guys comes parasailing in on your balcony or something.
        Brooke: Oh my god, you got a taser?

      • (Seeing Hulk drilling deadbolts into the door)
        Brooke: What are you doing?
        Hulk: This is good for security.
        Brooke: Oh my God.
        Hulk: When I came in this morning, you could just push this door open with one hand.
        Brooke: Dad, that looks so bad though.
        Hulk: You don't like it paint these things white it'll be like a fashion statement. Nobody has white dead bolts. it's a beautiful thing.

      • (To Glenn)
        Hulk: Like on the barometer of gay with ten being the gayest, where do you fall?

      • Glenn: Whats up Terry, Did you see the hot tub?
        Hulk: I did. We had a talk about the hot tub and that there always has to be more than two people in it.
        Brooke: The hot tub is the best invention in the whole world for single people.
        Hulk: You can catch herpes in there.
        Brooke: Oh yeah, and he also said that if I go into the hot tub, that I'll get struck by lightning.
        Hulk: Well Florida is the lightning capital of the world you know.

      • Hulk: What in the Hell is this?
        Brooke: Those are my boots.
        Hulk: Brooke.
        Brooke: Dad, come on.
        Hulk: What is this?
        Brooke: It's a dress.
        Hulk: Thats not a dress, its a mini t-shirt. And where are the bottoms that match. Oh my god Brooke, I almost got put in my grave by this divorce and now your going to put me it with your lack of clothing.

      • (regarding the hot tub)
        Hulk: You know you should be in here during the day because at night theres lightning strikes four times more than during the day.
        Brooke: The hot tub is going to attract the lightning.
        Hulk: Yeah, I mean this just isn't that safe. You should always have not just two people, there should be a third person in there with you for safety, but you don't want more than four people in there because it spreads disease. It's really not a good idea. I'd just drain it, put some fish in there.

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